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How bunqers celebrated a very special King’s Day

May 1, 2020
Orange tulips

For all of you lovely readers who may not know what King’s Day is, let’s talk about it.

Technically, it’s just a nice celebratory day when we all say cheers to our king - because it’s his birthday and we like him. In reality, King’s Day is an official holiday here in The Netherlands that magically brings the whole country (and usually tourists) together on the streets. There are drinks, music, dancing, and bargaining for whatever people are selling - by the way, this is the only day of the year when street sales are allowed in the Netherlands! Most importantly, everyone wears orange 🧡 - the color of the royal family! It’s the biggest party of the year and we highly recommend you to experience it one day!

As you can imagine, this year was a bit different. As with most of the world right now, gatherings and parties are not allowed in the Netherlands, so naturally, King’s Day was canceled. Oh, the sadness, the outrage, the melancholy…

Well, after a while, we got over it and started getting creative. We were not just gonna let King’s Day pass without a socially responsible celebration, were we? Here’s how our bunqers spent one of our favorite days! 🥳

🐕Natalie pretty much spent the whole day playing Sims 4 Pets after she got jealous of all the people actually having pets at home during the quarantine. Oh, and her neighbors threw a balcony party for the whole apartment complex to enjoy!

🎹Brian actually organized a balcony concert - he and his neighbors got drinks and pizza at the small neighborhood stores, to support local businesses!

🍻 Evgeny spent King’s Day with a legal amount of friends, socially distancing and doing what one usually does on such occasions - drinking and chatting.

🚴Emy on the other hand cycled 60km (we know!!!) to the Dutch countryside! A lot of other bunqers mention they started the special day with a workout, but nothing beats this one!

🌮Dan made his favorite Mexican meal - also, he may have poked people with a stick if they were getting too close to his house? This information is not verified, but we have our sources.

🍖Another common theme is having a BBQ. Some added special touches - for example, David actually built the barbeque, while Vanessa added some Aperol Spritz to the experience.

📽️Robert-Jan made a short film - but we’re not yet sure about what. We’ll share it when we can! Unless it’s his million-dollar debut and goes directly to Netflix?

🎉Lorie and Matt had a proper party - of course, virtually, with some beers. It’s not King’s Day without beers - like them or not!

Well, there you have it! That’s how some of our bunqers spent this very unique King’s Day during a pandemic. Oh, did we mention that this was the warmest King’s Day in history? Isn’t that just lucky…

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