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September 2, 2020


Here’s who bunq really is

Ever wondered what happens behind the scenes at bunq? What do bunqers do all day, every day? And is there magic dust around?

There is definitely magic dust - and more 🧚

We’re bunq, bank of The Free. Here to break free from the status quo and challenge what banking is and can do. We’re always looking for the most brilliant and quirky minds to join us and help make a real difference. As part of The Free, you are a free independent thinker that wants the freedom to live life on your own terms. Whether you’re an employee or a user, it doesn’t matter. You are as ambitious as you are mindful and find sustainability extremely important.

If you’re always questioning how one can leave a positive mark on the world, then we’d love for you to join The Free, as a user or an in-house bunqer.

And there are plenty of good reasons for you to do so!

We work hard and play hard, so we make sure there’s always plenty of fun around the office. bunqers run on great ideas and hilarious jokes, so there’s never a dull moment around here.

The food 🍜

We always have delicious food to recharge and keep on bunqing hard. Our chefs David and Charise make great lunches for all to enjoy and juicy dinners that you can also take-away, in case you’d rather Netflix & Eat.

The hangs 🎉

Up for hanging out with fellow bunkers after hours? That’s possible! Every day there are evening activities for you to join and keep the fun going. For example, on Mondays we go on cycling adventures, on Wednesdays we wear pink (okay, not really), while on Friday we relax with drinks and chats.

The benefits ❤️

Want to keep growing and learning all the time? bunq’s got you covered with your personal development budget of €2.500 and end-to-end ownership of things that really matter, so you never stop your continuous improvement. Of course, we also give you performance equipment to do your job, like a beautiful MacBook Pro.

Did we mention you get paid for your commute, even if you cycle?

Curious what else happens at the European bunqrs? 🌈

We want to be transparent and not only give you a peak behind the scenes, but bring the scenes to you. That’s why today we’re launching The bunqr, a place for you to really get to know us, our values and our lifestyle.

Not a bunqer yet?

Join the fun

Try bunq today

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