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Here’s what's new from bunq Update 20

May 10, 2022
bunq update 20 make life easy

Our post are auto-translated for your convenience, but please note that the quality of these translations may not be perfect. We are working on ways to improve the translations for a better reading experience.

However, we also constantly improve existing features or tabs in the app, based on your feedback. Here’s what changed with bunq Update 20:

A brand new Community tab🌍

You’ll notice that the Community tab looks completely different now. It’s all about making life easy, together. Starting today, everyone can post ideas or help other users directly by sharing and commenting on posts. You can add knowledge and rate our support guides, while you’ll also be rated by them in return. Your personal experience can leverage a positive impact on all other fellow users.

You’ll also find a new screen here which shows your own rating. The more knowledge you share with the community and the more feedback you give to and get from our guides, the quicker you’ll level up. Leveling up means that you’ll receive faster support: the answers you need, when you need them.

A brand new Home tab🏠

We’ve made some improvements to the Home tab too, so you can truly make bunq your own. Easily organize your screen exactly the way you like it, and enjoy a crystal clear overview of your finances. Move sub-accounts around the screen, so you always have the ones you use most at the top. Create folders and group accounts, cards, and other features, customizing this tab to your individual needs.

And…a brand new bunq Web🌈

Loads of you have asked for improvements to bunq Web, so you can manage your finances from any device. So we’ve made it happen! 

You can now see your Personal and Business accounts separately, and operate all of your sub-accounts at one glance. We’ve also improved our Search option - you can look up payments, no matter how long ago they happened, based on amounts or other useful filters. 

On bunq Web, you can now pretty much do everything you’re familiar with from your favorite banking app: add sub-accounts, manage cards, upload and pay invoices in seconds. Have a quick look at everything that’s new right here!

Which one’s your favorite improvement? Don’t forget you can always share your ideas with us here.

Check out the full page for bunq Update 20 here. Want to look back on our previous update? You can do that here!

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