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May 31, 2021


Here's what's new from bunq Update 17

Life is easy in the summer...with some brand new bunq features! Check out the latest and greatest from bunq Update 17.

Say hello to Easy Bank👋

We’re welcoming a new member to the bunq family, called Easy Bank. It’s everything you’d expect from a mobile bank, plus signature bunq features that let you enjoy precious time with friends: Split the bill, start Activities together and explore Places for unforgettable experiences.

Easy Bank is (you guessed it - easy!) to set up, it takes just 5 minutes. You can enjoy this simplified personal plan for only €2.99 per month!

Coucou la France - introducing French IBANs🇫🇷

We’ve recently introduced German IBANs, so that bunqers can bank like locals wherever they are.

Now your bunq account is also fully compatible in France! You never have to worry about IBAN discrimination or failed payments. Fully integrate your bank with your life in France with a compatible RIB, thanks to our new French IBANs.

Designed with you in mind❤️

Who doesn’t want more bunq with less taps and browsing around?. To smoothen your experience, bunqessential features are now easier to access. Pay and Request are just a tap away, adding sub-accounts and ordering new cards is now easy as ABC and you can quickly find anything you need with a dedicated search bar.

Support SOS is there when you need it🙌

Your bunq app or card isn’t working, and it needs to be fixed right away? No sweat, we'll help you in no time! Simply open an SOS chat through the app or call our number. Follow some quick steps, and your issue becomes our nr. 1 priority - saving you time when you need it most. To keep it fair and square, you’ll be able to submit only one SOS request per month.

SOS? Call us here: +31208083666. We’ll get straight to it within 10 minutes.

Warning: we will never call you from our SOS number. If someone calls you from this phone number, hang up and let us know at

Batch Actions in 1,2,3🚀

Ever had to settle multiple requests in the bunq app, and wished you could select them all and sort them out with one tap? Now you can! From splitting payments after a night out, to adding multiple payments to an activity, simply select all the events you want to action and bam - settled with one tap.

The cooler Friends 2.0🧑‍🤝‍🧑

The Friends tab got an upgrade! Check out the map to see the countries you've visited (in green), or the countries that your friends loved (in blue). Not only can you stay up to date with your friends’ trips, you can also easily advise each other on the best hotspots of your next destination, since you’re always in the loop. Same group, new adventure? You can start a new Activity with one tap, no manual hassle!

We’ve also added a permanent search bar on the Places screen for your convenience, and a filter option to see only the location categories you want.

And that’s a wrap for bunq Update 17🌈

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