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January 27, 2021


Here’s what’s new from bunq Update 16!

New year, new features that make life easy! Check out everything that’s new from bunq Update 16 and explore all the benefits.

Loyalty Cards 💳

Find all your loyalty cards in one place, right in the bunq app! Say goodbye to bringing dozens of loyalty cards with you every time you leave the house. Simply add them to the app and have full access anytime, anywhere. Enjoy discounts that make life easy.

Gift Tree Planting to your Bestie 🧑‍🤝‍🧑

Maximize your green impact, together! Your Bestie can now also plant a tree for every €100 spent with their bunq cards. Choose your favorite person and invite them to join you in the beautiful journey of becoming CO2 free.

Places 🌆

Explore all the hot spots you and your friends love! Visiting somewhere new? Use Places to find out where other bunqers have been and always enjoy the best hot spots in town! Share tips and enjoy great destinations together.

Inner Circle ⭕

Find all your bunq friends in one place! If you’re using bunq with loved ones, add them to your Inner Circle for an easy overview and never lose sight of them again. You will also share the Places you’ve visited with your Inner Circle so you can all enjoy the greatest spots.

Easy Green Widget 🌳

You can now easily share your green progress with everyone you love! Spread the love and show everyone how close you are to becoming CO2 free. You can add this widget to your website or blog in seconds. Request it through the bunq app and we’ll email it to you right away - it’s that easy!

Activities 🎉

You can now keep track of who paid what automagically! Enjoy spending time together with your loved ones and never think about expenses. Simply start an activity and all your card payments are automatically added to a shared pot. Once your activity is over, you can split it all at the end with one tap.

Budgets 💸

We’ve improved the Budgets feature to be easier than ever. Always know how much you can spend and fully customize your budget by choosing a starting date. Add and exclude any sub-account you want: feel free to organize your money as you wish!

Payment Sorter by % 💯

Sort your income automagically! Based on your feedback, we’re now adding % to our existing Payment Sorter feature. Always be in control of your money by sorting incoming payments the way you want: in amounts or percentages, the choice is yours.

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