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Here’s what's new from bunq Update 15

October 15, 2020
bunq Update 15 banner

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Trees for minors 🌳

SuperGreen has been a huge success since its launch and thanks to the bunq community, we’ve recently planted over 1 million trees together, 6 months before expectations! That’s an amazing achievement that made us extremely thankful for your commitment.

While it’s important to make the planet greener for all of us, there’s certainly a group that needs it most: the future generation, our children.

With this in mind, starting today everyone under 18 using bunq automatically plants a tree for every €100 they spend! This applies to users with any bunq subscription.

Receipt Splitting 🧾

You can now split a receipt in just 3 taps. No need to add and multiply amounts when trying to split a bill with your friends! Paid for drinks? Simply scan it, share it with your friends and let them pay you back by tapping on their share on the receipt. It’s that easy!

bunq Deals 💸

You can now get amazing discounts with bunq Deals! Save money wherever you go, whatever you do. Whether it's finding the perfect hotel room, or using bunq to automate your bookkeeping, bunq Deals make it super easy for you to save every step of the way.

Auto Request ⏰

Get recurring payments back without having to think about it! Are you the one paying for shared subscriptions? No worries, you can now set up a Scheduled Payment Request so you get paid on the same date every time! No need to send reminders anymore.

Circle of Trust 🧑‍🤝‍🧑

We all have a couple of friends we truly trust. Settle expenses with them without any hassle: add your friends to your Circle of Trust and the bunq app automatically approves their Payment Requests! This saves you time as you no longer need to do it manually, so you can focus on things that matter to you.

Brand new Home tab 🏠

By taking the time to fully and properly understand all our users we’ve simplified bunq’s UI even further.

To make life easy, we figured it'd be great if you could open the app and instantly know the status of your finances, budgets and subscriptions. No need to navigate the app or do anything complicated. You instantly get a complete overview of your finances and your progress on the brand new Home tab, which holds everything that’s yours.

The Budgets dial helps you improve your budgeting skills, meaning soon you’ll save more than ever by simply knowing where your money is going!

The Subscriptions dial helps out with savings too, by giving you a clear overview of all subscriptions. Let’s be honest, we probably have too many to remember. It’s also easy to see which ones you actually want or need, so you can check if there’s a better deal out there!

The Insights dial will remain the same function you know and love. Thanks to it you save up to 10% each and every month simply by knowing what you spend your money on.

A new look 🌈

Have a quick look at the Community, Profile and Camera tabs too! There are new things for you to explore all around.

Everything that you’d like to change as a Setting you can do by pressing the wheel icon in the top right corner. Want to add something? Simply tap on the Action Menu.

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