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September 15, 2021


Here's what we improved based on your feedback

With bunq Update 18, we’ve improved a couple of our features based on your valuable feedback. Here are 3 of them!

Let me show you how that works🙌

If you ever need help finding anything in the bunq app, you can always reach out to our amazing support team. However, we understand that sometimes you’d prefer a more straightforward solution. That’s why we’ve introduced a new feature called Let me show you how that works!

Now you can get tailored support through video. Not sure how to do something in the bunq app? Simply reach out to support and we'll mirror your in-app experience, showing you exactly how to find what you need. As if we were standing next to you. When done, we’ll send you the video so you can easily follow the exact same steps. Easy, right?

App search🔎

We’re always happy to make things easy and help you save more time. That’s why we’ve added App search. Get to any feature, setting or payment in no time, simply by starting a search from anywhere in your bunq app. Start typing what you’re looking for and we’ll show you the way - right away.

Brand new Profile tab📱

Based on your wonderful feedback, we’ve made the Profile tab better fit your needs. You can now find all your personal information in 1 place. Easily adjust your Settings, see the Trophies you've earned and explore amazing discounts in bunq Deals.

Do you have more feedback?

We’re always here to listen, and build the bank of The Free, together. Head to and share your thoughts with us!

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