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December 12, 2019

Products and Services

Here’s how your bunq Metal Card is even greener than you think

The bunq Metal Card does more than just plant trees. We designed our new metal card to be as green as possible.

A metal card made of green materials 🌱

It’s made of metal, which means less single-use plastic is used during its creation. Sleek and sustainable... we call this a win-win!

Did someone say recycle? ♻️ During the card’s production, we make sure any resources left behind don’t go to waste. If there’s any excess steel after producing a card, it will get collected and recycled into a new product at a later time.

What about the packaging? 💌

We wanted to do something bold to celebrate the launch of bunq Metal Card. So we thought.. since we loved making it for you, why shouldn’t you love receiving it to?

We partnered with some great people over at Burgopak to create a brand new look and feel for our newest card. The packaging we designed together is made of fully recyclable paper, so you can recycle locally (once you finish admiring the design of course). We’re working hard to use it for all our future packaging too!

And the delivery? 📦

We know you’re excited to receive your card, so we’ve made it as easy (and green) as possible for you to get it. We’ve partnered with DHL to deliver your Metal Card using their GoGreen solutions, the greenest delivery system out there.

Why GoGreen solutions? They neutralize the carbon emissions that are created during the delivery process, and even report on the total amount used too! We’re all for full transparency.

And the card expiration date? ⏰

Let’s not forget to mention how wasteful it can be to replace a card that’s still in good condition after only 4 years.

This inspired us to make the bunq Metal Card go the extra mile. We worked with Mastercard and are excited to let you know that our card will last for a total of 6 years! Imagine how many more trees you can plant in those 2 extra years...

Well to help you out - we did the math for you! 👩‍🏫

Math time! 📚

Here’s a hypothetical situation based off of someone living in our home city of Amsterdam.

This wonderful person is using a bunq Metal Card as their primary bank card (they’ve already won the game of life, but let’s keep going). They top it up with any bank account (because you can), and use it every day. Some simple sums:

You’re buying your monthly groceries 🍏…

  • The average monthly budget on groceries in Amsterdam is €100 per month. That’s 1 tree per month on groceries alone.
  • Times that by the extra 24 months of life on the Metal Card, that’s an extra 24 trees, rounding it up to 72 trees planted over the course of 6 years from groceries alone.
  • If 100 trees is represented by 1x 🌳, that would be 🌳 tree.

They’re paying rent 🏡...

  • The average monthly rent in our home city of Amsterdam is €1000.
  • As sad as that is to comprehend, that’s 10 trees planted per month.
  • Times that by the extra 24 months of card life, that’s 240 extra trees planted, making the total trees planted across 6 years 720 from rent alone.
  • If 100 trees is represented by 1x 🌳, that would be 🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳🌳 trees.

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