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Got a great idea for an app? Let’s make it happen together!

August 11, 2020
Top view of team working together

It doesn’t matter who you are - a talented coder or an up and coming business - if you have an idea, you can easily turn into an app with bunq’s API. Already started working on an app a while ago? Let’s pick it up, get it done and launch it together!

All the tools you need are right here, so you can get started right away. Once you’re done, make sure to submit it to bunq Apps, so we can help spread the word. After it’s live, we’ll also share the great news on our social media channels…

And to give you a little extra boost: a 120 EUR Adwords voucher. How great is that? 🙌

You build amazing things, we support you, and together we make life easy for thousands of people.

To use the voucher, make sure to activate this promotional code before December 31, 2020. Please note that your voucher is only valid if you haven’t advertized on Google Ads before.

And don’t worry, we’ll be there all along the way! Here’s how:

First 50 people using your app? 🎈

Congratulations, you can now become a bunq affiliate, and get paid for new bunq users! Check out this page (deprecated) to discover all the amazing perks! When signing up as an bunq affiliate, remember to mention you’re part of the Developer Program in the description!

First 100 people using your app? 🥳

Let's celebrate! Join bunq's most experienced developers for dinner and explore ways to make your app even better.

250 people using your app? 🎊

We'll give your app even more exposure by featuring it on our bunq blog!

1000 people? 🎉

You made it, and now the only way is up! To help you grow even further, you'll get a quarterly review with your own personal bunq partner manager!

Looking for a little inspiration? 🌈

We’ve gathered a couple of great ideas, like:

  • Make it easy for bunq users to become a better version of themselves! Create Saving Goals that reward users for becoming stronger (integrate them with Freeletics, OneFit, Runtastic or Health Mate), healthier (HappyCow), or more efficient (Flitsmeister, Google Maps)
  • Celebrate the smart home era by integrating bunq with smart products
  • Create widgets that save time when it's important
  • Take the amazing bunq features to the next level

But don’t be shy to get creative and woo us! We’re convinced you’ve got what it takes.

If you’re super excited, but have doubts about PSD2, rest assured we’ve got you covered, and you can read all about it here.

Wondering if you qualify for the AdWords vouchers and all other great benefits? Check out all the information and FAQs about bunq’s developer program here.

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