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Give (un)heard talents a voice

When the story of bunq began, many thought it could not succeed. A digital-only bank? Not making profits off users’ money? Well, how would this even be a real bank?

Yet, 2 years later bunq got an actual banking license and made the impossible possible. We’re still at it today, and we strongly believe that you don’t have to fit in to make it. Make something truly good that adds value, and fight for your dreams.

We’re super happy to join forces with (un)heard, the foundation which promotes and develops artists that do not fit in a box 🙌

These talents deviate from the norm and are often called “difficult”. They’re not your average singer and usually belong to a subgenre that big labels are not willing to pay attention to.

Artists would have to cover their own costs in order to make some noise and even get one meeting with large labels. As you can imagine, that’s quite a lot of money so they rarely get a chance to be seen and heard.

Now on top of all that, events are canceled throughout Europe due to social distancing measures, meaning their exposure and source of income became even more limited.

bunq and (un)heard are joining forces to reverse that trend and give these talented people a voice again! We believe that their voices should still be heard, and you should still enjoy beautiful art from the comfort and safety of your own home!

Music unites us all

To kick off this partnership, we’ve released a single, which you can check out here!

The song, Als de lucht weer blauw kleurt (When the sky turns blue again) is a collaboration between established artists Do, Lisa Loïs, Jennie Lena and Numidia and the talented (un)heard artists KOOSJE, Marle Thomson, LÉVI and Jessy Yasmeen.

Get ready to enjoy amazing mini-stay-at-home concerts for the next 9 weeks! 👩‍🎤 👨‍🎤

Here’s the schedule:

  • 10/7 Numidia
  • 17/7 KOOSJE
  • 24/7 Lady Bee
  • 31/7 Marle Thomson
  • 7/8 Jennie Lena
  • 14/8 Deep Dutch
  • 21/8 Jessy Yasmeen
  • 28/8 DO
  • 4/9 LEVI

Curious how it works? The artists will record a short concert for you, from their home or their own studio. bunq will bring these to you through our YouTube and social media channels every Friday. All you have to do is keep an eye (or ear?) out and relax with some good music.

Like what you hear? Support the (un)heard foundation in its mission to bring diversity to the music scene through an easy, one-click bunq.me link! This will lead you to a Common Goal, where you can donate for this cause, straight through the bunq app or the bunq website. You’ll always stay up to date with the total donations collected for these new talents, so you can see you’re truly making a difference.

Every talent deserves an audience 👏

That’s what (un)heard always says. It’s their mission to make that possible. Here at bunq, we can identify with the “outsider” trying to make the impossible happen. But together, there’s really nothing we can’t achieve.

Excited to give a voice to (un)heard talents?