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August 13, 2020

Products and Services

Get a free Metal Card today!

With our new Easy Green subscription, you can get a Metal Card free of charge and become CO2 free in less than 2 years.

We kept listening to your suggestions and noticed that more of our users actually wanted to own the elegant Metal Card. We’re now making that possible!

Starting today, you can order your brand new Metal Card free of charge! 🙌

  • If you’re a Premium or Business user, you can get the Metal Card for free by pre-paying 24 months of your subscription.
  • If you’re an Easy Green user, you can get the Metal Card for free by pre-paying 12 months of your subscription.
  • If you’re a pack owner, you can get the Metal Card for free by pre-paying 12 months of your subscription.
  • Not a pack owner, but a pack member? You can order the card for a one-off fee of 129 EUR.

Why get a Metal Card? 🤷

The stainless steel Metal Card is also our greenest card.

It’s made of metal (as you probably guessed) which means less single-use plastic is used during its creation. The material is also recyclable and can be recycled later.

Sustainability doesn’t stop “in the making” though. You’ll receive your Metal Card in a fully recycled and recyclable package made of paper, so you can easily and carefully dispose of it.

The card also gets delivered in a sustainable way through DHL’s GoGreen solution.

And let’s not forget about the expiration date! Unlike our plastic cards this flash metal card is valid for 6 whole years, which means 2 extra years and so less waste!

Can I become CO2 free with the Metal Card? 🌿

Planting trees for every 100 EUR you spend and thus becoming CO2 free in less than 2 years is exclusively available for our Easy Green users. They also additionally benefit from the Mastercard Purchase Protection and Extended Warranty.

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