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From loving music, to loving ads - Sabrina’s story

June 8, 2022

I studied music basically my whole life🥁

I’ve been singing, playing the piano, and even drumming a bit, since I was 3 years old. I was on the edge of my musical career when I was around 16 years old. Almost signed a very big contract with a good record label - but something wasn’t right.  I felt that the music industry wasn’t for me, so I decided (very spontaneously) to study a Bachelor of Science in Marketing Management in the Netherlands. I moved to Groningen in 2016 and I simply loved the city and the people there. In my 2nd year of uni, I had a very nice communication teacher who actually introduced bunq to me as a cool company where things are very different from a normal bank. We had to write a huge paper about bunq and I really enjoyed doing it (and received a good grade btw 🌈). Then I thought “hmm - I should try for an internship at bunq”. But there were no internships available. I waited 2 more years. During my master's, I simply knew that bunq would be the company to do my thesis internship at. I didn’t apply for anything else. I wanted to succeed and I trusted my skills.

After a week, I’ve got the job: “Intern in Performance Marketing”🙌

Skip forward 6 months,  I received a full-time position in the same department. I was so grateful because I could do so many things that usually a junior would never do: working with big budgets, coordinating teams, or working with advertising agencies.bunq is challenging-  but fun, and worth it. At the end of the day, you feel you did make a difference (smaller or bigger, they all matter). One big challenge that I'm facing currently is to increase brand awareness in Germany, France and the Netherlands (which is 3 times harder than what I had to do until now, and I’ve been working for bunq for almost 2 years). I had to plan the strategy and budgets, and coordinate a few teams for this to happen. To be honest, I enjoyed each moment of it. You need to be organized, and never think “this has to be perfect”, because nothing is perfect and you’ll just become frustrated in the end. Whenever in doubt, you always have “The Team” - and they’re the best. Not only in what they’re doing, but also just genuinely good human beings.‍‍

If you’re thinking of applying, do it - it’s worth it🌈

I remember that the first 3 weeks were very hard. I never expected so much responsibility on my shoulders; but I had a very good mentor, which I am grateful for until this very day because he taught me everything I know . Big shout out to you, Sergey!

Those 3 weeks will result in like… 6 months of experience already. Working at bunq for a year will result in 3 years of experience in a regular company. If you think this is what you want, you’ll not regret it. I can promise you - you’ll make a difference, every day.

So basically…thanks bunq, for offering me this opportunity. I simply love my job.Regards, Sabrina (Ads Queen 🧚‍♀️)

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