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Does Easy Green really let you become CO2 free in less than 2 years?

June 10, 2020
Forest from above

After the huge success of the Metal Card, we quickly understood that you loved planting trees and removed an obstacle you were encountering: not being able to plant trees on all your spend. Therefore, we launched SuperGreen, which lets you plant a tree for every € 100 spent, from any of your cards, including the beautiful Metal Card! If you missed the news and would like to know more, here’s all the information about Easy Green!

As usual, everything we do here at bunq is based on your wishes and needs. We always keep an eye out for your suggestions, questions and remarks. Recently, we noticed that some of you wanted to know how exactly SuperGreen lets you become CO2 free in less than 2 years! Let’s look at the math and put the pieces together 🤓 !

🌳 According to our data, you plant around 24 trees per month. Of course, businesses plant more trees due to higher spend

🌳 One tree can reduce 12.3 kg of CO2 per year

🌳 Your average CO2 footprint, for Europeans, is 7,000 kg / year

🌳 Now let’s do some - simple, don’t worry! - math:

🌳 24 months × 24 trees = 576 trees

🌳 These trees, in turn, convert 576 × 12.3kg/year of CO2 = 7084.8kg/year!

The best part of SuperGreen is that the more you spend, the more you actually start compensating for others’ CO2 footprint! So you don’t only save CO2 yourself, but you also offset their CO2 emissions! And that’s what we call teamwork 🤝!

This is the math behind how SuperGreen works!

It takes zero effort from your side - no need to change your lifestyle to do something good for the planet. You can also keep an eye on your forest directly through the bunq app!

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