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Cat vs Dog: Which is Cheaper? Budgeting Tips for Pet Owners

March 6, 2023

Pets are an essential part of our lives, but they can be expensive with the average cost of owning a cat or dog ranging from €600 to €1200 per year. However, it's not just the cost of food and supplies that can add up. As a pet owner, you'll also need to budget for vet visits, grooming, and unexpected emergencies. In this blog, we'll compare the cost of having a cat versus a dog and provide budgeting tips for pet owners. Plus, we'll mention how a bunq account can help you save and budget for pet-related expenses.

Initial Cost Comparison

Let's start with the initial costs. Cats are generally less expensive to adopt or purchase than dogs. You can adopt a cat from a shelter for as little as €50, while purchasing a purebred cat from a breeder can cost up to €1,000 or more. On the other hand, the cost of adopting a dog from a shelter ranges from €50 to €350, and purchasing a purebred dog can cost up to €3,000. So, when it comes to the initial cost, a cat is the more affordable choice.

Food and Supplies

Next up, food and supplies. Both cats and dogs need food, water, and a place to sleep, but dogs generally require more supplies than cats. Dogs need a leash, collar, and toys to keep them entertained, while cats are content with a litter box and a scratching post. In terms of food, cats are smaller and require less food than dogs, so their food bills are lower. The average annual cost of food and supplies for a cat is around €300 to €500, while the cost for a dog is €500 to €875. So, once again, cats are the cheaper option.

Vet Visits and Grooming

Now, let's talk about vet visits and grooming. Both cats and dogs need regular check-ups and vaccinations, but dogs require more frequent visits to the vet than cats. Dogs also need grooming, such as haircuts and nail trims, which can add up over time. The average annual cost of veterinary care for a cat is €200 to €400, while the cost for a dog is €400 to €800. Grooming costs for dogs can range from €30 to €90 per visit, while cats typically don't require grooming. So, in this category, cats are once again the cheaper choice.

Unexpected Expenses

Finally, unexpected expenses. Both cats and dogs can have unexpected health issues, which can be costly. However, dogs are more likely to have accidents or get into mischief, which can result in emergency vet visits. Additionally, dogs can be destructive, and they may need to be trained or have behaviour issues addressed by a professional. The average cost of unexpected pet expenses can range from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. So, it's essential to have an emergency fund and budget for unexpected pet expenses.

How can bunq help?

In conclusion, when it comes to the cost of having a pet, cats are generally cheaper than dogs. However, owning any pet requires budgeting and planning to ensure that you can afford all of their needs. With a bunq account, you can set up a joint account with your partner or roommates to share the cost of pet-related expenses. Plus, bunq's built-in budgeting tools can help you track your spending and save for future expenses. In the end, whether you choose to have a cat or a dog, budgeting and personal finance management are key to ensuring that you can provide for your furry friend.

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