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Cabin fever kicking in? Here are 4 ways to beat it

May 8, 2020

Some are dealing with this better than others. While introverts don’t really get what’s different, extroverts are starting to struggle. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways for us to fight this thing called cabin fever, and come out stronger on the other side!

Let’s look at some simple suggestions below:

Stay connected 🤝

While most of the time when we talk about mindfulness and self-care we mention taking a break from social media, it’s not the case this time around. It’s more important than ever to keep in touch with our loved ones via one of the multiple solutions available today. Don’t worry about finding a whole hour in your schedule to lock in a call - checking in with someone for 10 minutes after lunch is perfectly acceptable and it will do you good. Every bit of human connection counts!

Find your own therapy 💆

No, I don’t mean get a therapist - or do, by all means, but there are many things we can do at home that are therapeutic for our minds. The point is to calm down and reduce stress by focusing on something simple. For example, some find cleaning therapeutic. We’re not sure why…

How about cooking? Just play your favorite music, find a recipe that sounds yummy to you, and let’s get started! By the end of this quarantine, your mom will be surprised how far you’ve come!

Taking care of your plants is another easy thing to do. It’s also a good time to have as many plants as possible in your house, to help with the air quality! Art could also be your happy escape. Another idea is to sort out your finances and start a savings plan through your digital bank, for that future holiday when this is all over.

Yoga and meditation are probably those things that we all know can help, but leave it to “one day”. If you’ve done the same thing until now, there’s no better time to give this a go! YouTube is full of free videos, for every level or style out there. Just try it - it could be the one thing that brings you back to life. Here are some suggestions to get you started: Yoga with Adriene, Yoga with Tim or YogaTX!

But really, just do you whatever makes your soul happy.

Get out or stay pumped 🏃

Going out for fresh air, be it for a walk or a quick workout, if possible, is essential. Always keep in mind the social distancing rules valid in your country and respect them - this way, you take care of yourself and of others. If you are not allowed to get out for some fresh air where you are, make sure you stay pumped at home. There are many options nowadays for working out at home. Most only ask for a towel and are perfectly doable in a small place!

Staying active one way or another is important for your body as it releases endorphins. These will help with your overall mood and will be your friend in fighting cabin fever.

Another thing to remember is that your brain is also a muscle and it definitely needs its own workout. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself, you don’t need to finally understand physics or anything like that. A simple puzzle or a virtual pub quiz can do the trick. And when nothing but Netflix sounds like a good idea, there are plenty of good documentaries on there too!

Always look on the bright side of life 🌈

A classic Monty Python! Try to focus on it at the end of every single day. A lot of things right now may not be ideal, but you know what? You actually have the opportunity to do everything listed above. Sure, some days are easier than others. Just take a deep breath and think about what you’ve got. Be thankful. You’re here, you’re doing it - and this, too, shall pass.

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