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Buying unpaid holidays: yay or nay?

July 16, 2023

You've worked hard, and you're ready for a break. But what if your vacation days are all used up? The solution might be buying unpaid holidays. But is it worth it? Let's dive in.

What Are Unpaid Holidays?

Unpaid holidays are when you take time off work without pay. It's like a mini-sabbatical, giving you the chance to rest, recharge, or explore new places.

The Pros

The biggest advantage of unpaid holidays is flexibility. You're not limited by your allocated leave days. Want to embark on that long-awaited budget travel adventure? No problem! With unpaid holidays, you can.

Another benefit is maintaining work-life balance. Sometimes, we need more time off than our jobs provide. Unpaid holidays offer that extra breathing room.

The Cons

However, there's a catch. Taking unpaid holidays means less money in your pocket. This could strain your finances, especially if you're not careful with your budgeting.

Moreover, not all employers offer this option. And even if they do, taking too much time off could impact your job security.

How bunq Can Help

This is where bunq comes in. With features like easy budgeting and high-interest savings accounts, managing your travel expense becomes a breeze.

With bunq, you can save money effectively, ensuring you have enough funds for your unpaid holidays. Plus, their high interest rates mean your savings grow faster, helping you afford those well-deserved breaks.

So, should you buy unpaid holidays? It depends on your financial situation and personal needs. But remember, with bunq, you've got a partner to make it easier.

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