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bunqers, ready to break new records this year?

February 15, 2022

achieved some amazing things! Let’s have a look at everything you’ve accomplished in 2021, to set you for bigger and brighter goals this year!

1. A greener world🌳

You’ve planted a whopping 3.3m trees, just in 2021. That’s not just an amazing achievement, it’s also such a great step ahead (or 3.3m little ones) in the green fight. Thanks for doing your part, together we’re truly making a difference.

Excited to break this record in 2022? We surely are. If you’re looking to easily step up your game, invite a friend to join bunq - we’ll plant 10 trees for both you and your friend when they join.

2. Freedom of Choice🙌

Together, you invested 241M in sustainable projects that help make the world a better place. You also donated a total of 15K to charitable causes that you care about, all over the world. You clearly care where your money goes and how it can build a better tomorrow for all of us.

3. Time well spent⏰

Alongside fellow bunqers, you collectively freed up a massive 17.7K years of time just by banking with us in 2021. From opening a bank account in just 5 minutes to scanning invoices automatically or receiving instant payments across Europe, you saved time using bunq, so you can spend it on things that bring you joy.

4. All you do is win🏆

As a community, you earned 1.3 million trophies. That’s a whole lot of winning you love to do. We clearly want 2022 to be even better, so we’re thinking it's time to sign up for the Guinness World Record book already…just in case.

5. Banking like a local🌈

You bunqers have been banking like locals in 2021, no matter where you are. The Queen has a stronghold on her throne, but not when it comes to top currencies at bunq. The Euro dethroned the Pound badly this year. Let’s see who wins 2022!

Here’s to another year of super savings, endless fun, and exciting adventures together. Let’s break new records in 2022🥂

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