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Didn’t get a chance to see bunq Update 13? Here’s what you missed!

January 24, 2020
Ali on update 13

Add all your trade names to your account without wasting time

Want to create a trade name for a cool, new product? Right when you leave the Chamber of Commerce office, you can instantly add your new trade name to your bunq Business account and start using it for transactions right away.

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Automate your finances and start saving time with Zapier integrations

Without hiring a developer or learning how to code, connect bunq with the apps you use for running your business and automate all your daily tasks. Just set up the connection once, and you’re all set to create awesome automations. An example? Receive an instant Slack notification whenever a customer pays an invoice!

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Accept credit card payments and never set up a PSP again

Receiving international payments just got a whole lot faster. Without any hassle, delay, paperwork, or complex integration you can start processing credit card payments directly from the app. All you need to do is create a custom URL (you can name it after your business: such as www.bunq.me/bunq), send the link to your colleague and instantly get your money back. One simple link that never expires!

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Easily distinguish all your Apple Pay & Google Pay cards with custom virtual designs

Using multiple cards for Apple Pay or Google Pay? Pick a different design for each card, so you can pay with the correct card at glance. In short, simple and custom designs- in your favorite colors too!

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Sort your payment automatically without having to think about it

Everyone loves when pay day rolls around, but the days leading up to it… not so much. Now you can stop stressing at the end of the month by automatically splitting your salary between sub-accounts when you get paid. This allows you to budget effortlessly without transferring any money manually. You’ll see your Savings Goal reach 100% in no time!

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Conveniently bunq now, right from your Apple Watch

You can enjoy the most amazing bunq features, all from the comfort of your Apple Watch. With our new Apple Watch app, you can add cards to sub-accounts, view balances, accept payment requests and pay online- all without your phone! Bonus? You can even view your CVC and accept 3D Secure payments at the flick of your wrist (and an authentication code of course).

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Green Card just got better thanks to Purchase Protection and Extended Warranty

Now you can spend money and plant trees, all while enjoying carefree shopping! With the new Purchase Protection and Extended Warranty, your Green Card transactions will be covered so you can keep planting trees and never look back.

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