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Bringing extra to the ordinary: Jut & Jul’s story

April 7, 2021

Jut & Jul is a creative, styling focused company that tries to do exactly that, while bringing a smile to your face. Check out their story below!

Could you tell us a bit more about the industry in which Jut & Jul is? 🎀

We work in styling in the broadest form. From interior design, to events, photo and video shoots. We do it all. In October of 2020 we decided it was time to launch our first clothing line. To introduce our slogan ‘The Extra To Your Ordinary’ and tell the story behind Jut & Jul.

What is Jut & Jul and what does it do? 🤷

Jut & Jul is a styling duo that brings the extra to the ordinary. Think of any ordinary situation and we can make it extra-ordinary. We feel that each moment can and should be celebrated with a hint of extraness.

The quote printed on the garments has two meanings: We both believe that you are what you wear. Are you having a bad day? Then a cheerful piece of clothing can change your mood. In addition, it literally states what people can mean for each other. If one feels “ordinary”, the other can say or do just the right thing to give you back your sparkle so you feel extra-ordinary again.

As founders, what made you want to start this adventure? 🙌

We always knew we would start a business together, we just didn’t know when. After a decade, the stars aligned and we decided to join forces.

Think of the ride or die mentality of Thelma & Louise, the love between Oprah and Gayle, the humor between Laurel & Hardy and the business mindset of Mary-Kate & Ashley. ‘Jut en Jul’ are true partners in crime.

The opportunity to work together rose when we were both in between projects. We met each other in school over 11 years ago and have been helping each other out as best friends behind the scenes since then. We felt that it was time for us to step into the limelight and, here we are!

What’s your favorite success story so far? ❤️

Every project we do gives us a different sense of accomplishment. Our main goal is to make people feel beautiful and better about themselves. Our clothing has been featured in a lot of national fashion magazines and newspapers; of course that is a big validation for all the hard work that we do. Katja Schuurman (a famous Dutch actress) wore our hoodie in the latest issue of Linda.loves which was a great victory moment for us as being in that magazine was one of our goals. We never expected to reach that goal so soon, but are very proud having done so.

Any advice for people looking to start a business in your industry? 🧑‍🏫

Be authentic, think of something YOU want to bring to the world, not what you feel other people would like to buy, see or consume. We do what we do, because we like doing it. Our passion for our work is what keeps us going. Each step has followed organically and because of that it strengthens our brand and simultaneously our friendship. Of course, we would advise people to focus on a clear direction, mission and vision and work hard to reach each goal step by step. Be creative and don’t be afraid to think outside the box!

Did having a bunq business account help when starting up? 🌈

Yes! Due to the quick handling of the bank we were able to get everything up and running on time for our webshop. Very helpful indeed! A more conservative bank would not be a good fit with what we stand for. bunq and Jut & Jul connect over the fact that both are ambitious organizations and have a clear message in what they stand for. The bank of The Free; a perfect fit for an ambitious duo who bring the extra to the ordinary and celebrates each moment.

Did the current situation have an impact on your business? 💥

The idea of launching our first clothing line all started during this pandemic. We were not able to make people feel beautiful the conventional way (through styling) so we decided to have a brainstorm session about who we are as Jut & Jul, what the brand entails and the message we want to send out into the world. If not for the current situation, we probably would not have gone that direction for another couple of years. We had a lot of time on our hands and decided to make the most of the situation.‍

With the collection, we wanted to give other bffs the chance to celebrate their friendship, from a far during these exceeding times, or yet next to each other: During this period we have come to realize that we actually show too little of how much we value our friendship. Whether it's your mom, your cousin, or your highschool friend. We all have that one person we feel so connected to. This line is a celebration of friendship!

Let’s spread some positivity. What motivates you to get up in the morning? 🎉

Knowing that we can brighten up someone’s day with our products, our social media or just our energy is something very special. We both know that what we are doing comes from a deeper passion and purpose. To share that with your best friend and being able to build together, makes it just that more special!

That's a beautiful story! Thanks for sharing this with us, Jerrald and Jaimie! 🥰

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