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Behind the scenes at bunq

December 12, 2019

Things bunqers have in common 🌈

Everybody is crazy about our product! If you walk up to a random bunqer and ask them about their favorite feature they will dive in head first and tell you all about it. If you go to a birthday party and hear people talking about this amazing mobile banking app called bunq, chances are you bumped into a bunqer in the wild spreading the love. 🌈

Okay, and maybe one other thing we all have in common; bunqers are extremely QUIRKY people. In the best way imaginable, if you ever felt weird or out of place amongst colleagues there is a very high probability that you will fit in perfectly here.

Keys to success 🔑

Because we believe things could be better in the banking industry, we decided to branch off and start our own bank in 2013. Since then, only the results of our hard work have brought us to where we are now.

Naturally, this is reflected in the way we work on a daily basis. It can be as small as cleaning the garbage bin, or as big as building and launching a new card proposition! 💳🌴

‍Here’s how we successfully contribute to making our app even more awesome every day:

1. Users come first 🙋

While traditional banks were solving banking we problems right after the financial crisis, we believe in solving user problems. With everything we do, we constantly need to put ourselves in the user’s shoes. That’s how we build products people actually love.

One of the things we do is to actively gather online user feedback. One of our Product Owners set up an NPS (Net Promoter Score) dashboard next to the coffee machine. This way all bunqers can check out what our users think while waiting for our magic potion to be ready.

2. Ownership 💯

To make sure nothing is left behind, we expect every bunqer to take full ownership. Ownerships differ in terms of size and complexity, but they have in common that you are end-to-end responsible - from idea, to realisation, to lessons learned. Dropping things at 90% effectively means 0% result.

It also means that you shouldn't wait for people to tell you how you should do the job. As an owner, you take this upon yourself and do what is needed to achieve your goal. You’re fully responsible for all outcomes. We’ll be there to celebrate the accomplishments with you. If you fail, make sure to draw your lessons learned - and bring some failure cookies, as we’d like to do at bunq.

3. Effective communication 🗣️

To keep our pace as a company, we need to communicate in the most effective way. The majority of our team is constantly working on building an (even more) amazing product. Given that it takes over 23 minutes to get back into the groove once you’ve been interrupted from your flow state, we like to do meetings on a functional basis.

To focus on the thinking instead of the writing, we like to record our meetings. We use the latest technology to ensure that our minutes are automatically drawn. That’s how we can spend time on what we actually value: getting shit done!

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