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Be empowered to take control of your nutritional health!

November 30, 2020
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To answer these questions and get some expert advice, we spoke with Piet Hein, founder of Clear to find out about nutritional health, its importance and the Clear program. Read on for insightful tips and a special discount code for the bunq community!

Piet, tell us about Clear!

Clear is a precision health app that utilises sensors to measure the user’s blood sugar levels in real time, enabling them to make the best choices for their unique nutritional needs. It empowers users to precisely measure their blood sugar levels which are a key indicator of how the body reacts to food. So here’s where you see, in real time, if an apple is actually good for you.

In the age of smart-watches, fitness apps and a multitude of popular diet regimes from paleo to vegan or keto, our program is a solution to a problem most of us face day in and day out - what should I be eating?

There is no one size fits all diet for everybody, each of us are a unique combination of DNA, gut microbiome and lifestyle. So predicting in advance if our nutrition is actually working in our favour is a guessing game.

What’s the story of Clear?

We wanted to identify a real world problem that we could solve, and we’ve soon noticed that a lot of people were having problems maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Gaining control over nutrition traditionally involves guesswork, sometimes bloodwork, and regimentally creating new routines without knowing exactly how what we consume affects our bodies - and that impedes people from reaching their health goals.

Clear is an offspring of Antler - an early-stage startup generator/Venture Capital firm with a focus on bringing exceptional people together to build the impactful tech companies of the future. I entered the program with an open mind and a background in chemistry and functional food. My co-founder Madelon specializes in cell biology and we are both fascinated by the science of aging. Clear was really born out of a combination of expertise and coincidence.

How does Clear help people take control of their health and improve?

Considering our life source is largely what we eat, knowing how our body reacts to food is key to creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Gaining these insights traditionally involves seeing a doctor, getting blood work done, and waiting a long time for results which are not based on real-time consumption.

That’s how we’re different - helping people get this information hassle free and empowering them to make the right decisions.

What’s your position in a world that’s looking to become more sustainable?

Many of us are moving towards more sustainable lifestyles and this includes sustainable nutrition - but this can be a daunting and somewhat overwhelming task when trying to figure out what sustainable alternatives are healthy for us. We help those who want to make better choices for the earth and for themselves. The program gives you access to experts who understand the various diet options available and guide you in tweaking your diet for your unique nutritional needs and lifestyle goals.

What’s your advice for people looking to live a healthier lifestyle?

Our mental health is just as important as our physical health, and the two are often intertwined. Stress, for example, can be very damaging. Nutrition is just one way that we can measure and manage our stress levels whilst implementing effective changes. Base blood sugar levels are a good indicator of stress, and an elevated base blood sugar level can indicate a higher stress load. Stress can also increase cravings and feelings of hunger - the result of a complex interplay of hormones, but the body may not need more fuel even though you feel like the tank is empty. That’s why I advise you to understand this interplay between stress levels, hormones and nutrition in order to build a healthy lifestyle.

Sleep is another key factor in minding our mental and physical health. Poor sleep is often attributed to stress, but this may not be the real cause. Blood sugar levels spiking down whilst sleeping can wake you up, but can be prevented by properly fuelling the body in the evening time to take you comfortably through the night.

Where do you think your industry is heading?

I foresee preventative lifestyles and the idea of food as medicine becoming more mainstream in the future. I also foresee precision medicine becoming more personalized - after all if we can have advertising personalised, why not personalize our nutrition in the same way?

Nutrition is one of the key touchpoints in preventative care - and in a world where we check our bank accounts everyday with such ease, why not check in on our health accounts in the same way?

Curious about Clear? Join the program here and get your EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT! Simply use the code CLEARBUNQ at checkout and save € 30!

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