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August 30, 2021


Bank like a local with bunq Update 18

Summertime is almost over, but we’ve decided to end it with a bang: a brand new Update!

1. Introducing...Local IBANs🇪🇺

You can now bank like a local in multiple countries! This new addition is the perfect fit for your international lifestyle. You can easily add and use IBANs from multiple European countries - all at once, all in your bunq app. Living in the Netherlands but visiting France often? You can now have both Dutch and French IBANs, making payments easy in both countries.

2. Hola, España🇪🇸

Fully integrate bunq with your local life in Spain, thanks to Spanish IBANs. Bank like a local when you’re ordering your next sangria and tapas. Please keep in mind that this feature will be available for all bunqers residing in Spain as of 9th of September 2021.

3. Local Currencies Beta💸

Receive, convert, hold and spend in multiple foreign currencies without having to leave the app. Just got a payment in $ from your friend in New York and need to convert it to € for your trip to Paris? It will only take a couple of seconds, all hassle-free.

We’re really excited about launching this, but as usual, we want to be careful and get some of your great feedback first. That’s why for now just 100 lucky bunq users can easily use $ with their bunq app.

For all other bunqers, stay tuned! In about 4 weeks, we’re launching this feature for all our users.

Here you go! 3 new features that let you bank like a local, wherever you are🌈

There are more features launched with bunq Update 18 that make life easy. Find the full list here.

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