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Automate your business today and focus on what matters

September 14, 2020

We already have a nice and growing directory of apps that work with your bunq account that help you automate your business, like Zapier. If that doesn’t cover your needs, no worries! You can actually automate your business your way by yourself using the bunq API!

We use many APIs throughout our daily lives, most of the time without even noticing. Of course bunq has its own and we built the bank of The Free on it! If you’re a bunq user, you’re already enjoying some of its benefits. Here are more ways in which our API can help you save time.

APIs enable pieces of software and/or technology to exchange information, allowing them to communicate with each other. This lets you automate many business processes. One of the cool things of bunq’s API is that you can use it in combination with just about any other service or product online that has an API too. You get a personal key, so you can set up a connection between bunq and other businesses or apps; including your own.

Let’s take the automation of payments as an example 💸

If you offer a subscription-based service, your important event would be “a user subscribes to the service”. Using the bunq API, you can automate the payment process and have this as a result:

send a payment request every time a user presses the “subscribe” button for the first time;

send this request via email on the same day every month

If your business makes periodical payments to partners, you can automate these payouts by scheduling them for certain dates or sending them when an agreed sum is accumulated.

We believe any bunq user has to have a right to access their money in their preferred way 🌈

You can automate virtually anything from your business profile in the bunq app:

  • request payments from your customers to your business account
  • schedule invoice payments
  • order cards for employees
  • track employees' expenses
  • export of transactions to build detailed reports

You can go beyond automating the usual operations and build what is convenient for your business routine 🚀

Here are some examples of what other businesses have done, if you’re looking for some inspiration:

  • get notifications on payments in your browser
  • email filtered monthly financial reports to your investor
  • automate salary payouts
  • synchronize funds with your funding management Google or Excel sheet

But really, the sky's the limit!

So should you use bunq’s API to save time and focus on your business’ growth ❓

We think there are enough reasons to use our API to make life easy, but here are the 3 main ones that our users shared:

  1. Save time to focus on making money and growth
  2. Innovate the business and/or product
  3. Expand the customer base

Looking for a success story? Check out how The Liberators saved time with bunq’s API here.

Want to learn more about automating with bunq? Check out our full page on it here!

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