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I used to tease my bf about his bunq account. Then I went to a bunq Update…

One and a half years ago, my boyfriend switched to bunq as his main bank and I made fun of him for quite some time. He was so enthusiastic, always telling me about stuff and I just really didn’t care. I didn’t see any benefit. Oh how wrong I was...

Then, one day, we went to Update 12

In the car on the way to Amsterdam, there were three of us: two bunq Premium users and me. Their goal of the evening: convince me to join bunq Premium. My goal: sushi (we ate sushi with a little group before the Update).

In the past, I had talked with some other bunq users and none of them ever convinced me. So I didn’t expect to be convinced this evening either.

In the car on the way to the Update I was determined: no one can change my mind, I am just fine with my regular bank and I will NEVER switch to bunq. Spoiler alert: I switched to bunq Premium on the way home that same night and within a week I transferred all my banking affairs to bunq 😉


Now, you’re probably thinking: why, Amber? Well, let me tell you...

At the Update, I decided to have an open mind. Ali came on stage and shared all new features (which were amazing) but also talked a little about bunq’s mindset. I learned about MassInterest, Freedom of Choice, Ethical Investing and ‘Saving time, every time’.


Why hadn’t any of the users tried to convince me with any of these arguments? Yeah, it’s nice to have a lot of accounts for easy budgeting and stuff, but this is not what matters the most to me and so none of these arguments could convince me. In the end: Ali did.

So, in the foyer after the Update I had to admit to all the people who hadn’t been able to convince me that they were right all along.

On the way home I was so excited to switch to bunq that I actually bounced up and down in my chair

The other two in the car laughed at/with me of course, but I think they were excited that I finally saw the light. Right, guys?

After that, I became a full-on Fangirl. I ordered “Break Through Banking” to learn more about bunq’s amazing philosophy and values. I tell friends and family about bunq and make them excited about it without even trying to.

I really do feel ‘free’ at the Bank of The Free

I love how I was able to join within minutes, without having to go to some office at 9 AM. I love all the features that not only make my life easy, but also make banking fun somehow. I love the new Green Card that gives me even more possibilities to invest in the future of our planet. I love Together, where I spend much (too much) time every day, interacting with all the amazing other bunqers.

So, I really only want to say thank you for all the amazingly good work you guys do! Thanks for making my life easy and banking fun.

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