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Always in for a challenge - Ramona’s story

March 17, 2022

Four years of always putting people first, improving our services and products continuously and at last - supporting bunqers to help them thrive.

Let me introduce myself🙌

I’m Ramona, born and bred in Amsterdam. About half a year ago, I joined HR Operations, after my time in the beautiful Support team. How did that happen? When I started back in 2018, I was looking for a company that offers a product or service that I could fully support. bunq’s take on being different, not investing in any shady business, and always  putting users first made me decide to apply for the role of First Line Guide.

During my first few months, our Support team was made of less than 10 people💜

Yep, that was it. It’s great to see how the team developed together with the company. It’s also great to see how people that started out in Support are now working in different teams such as Data Engineering, Compliance, Onboarding or DevOps. I remember helping some of them with their first tickets back when I was a trainer! 

Besides training our guides, Chief shift was also my ownership. What’s that, you ask? A program where all bunqers grab and solve support tickets. This is to ensure that everyone in the company has the opportunity to engage with our users and truly understand what their needs are.And although I love our users and always strive to make their experience worthwhile - at some point, I wanted to take on a new role, to develop myself in a different direction. 

I was given the opportunity to join the HR operations team🤗

This time, serving bunqers, our employees! Working in HR has been great so far. Of course, it has its challenges, but there’d be no growth or excitement otherwise. Through everything that comes my way, I have an awesome team and fantastic set of colleagues which make me proud of how far we’ve come and where we’re going. In a world that changes fast, bunq is keen to adapt at the same pace - or faster. You can see it in the many innovative features our teams managed to develop. This requires a strong backbone from the employees. It’s exactly what making a difference is all about - bringing solutions that aren’t there yet, to ease users’ pains as quickly as possible.

The secret of success🚀

It’s important to keep the company goals in mind at all times, besides your personal goals of course. We’re all here on the same path, on the growth path. It can happen that you get too caught up in details. That’s when you need to see the bigger picture: serve Eva, our user. So every now and then, try to take a step back and get an understanding of what you came here to do, redefine your why if necessary and crystalize the details from there. 

But my most important tip: have proper breaks. Explore, have fun, take some rest and do what you need to recharge your batteries so you can get back and make a difference every day. 

Inspired by Ramona’s story?🌈

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