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8 freedoms bunq users enjoy every day!

May 4, 2020

8 years ago we broke free from the status quo and decided to build a bank for you. Our main focus ever since was to give you the most freedom possible to let you live life on your own terms. Here’s how we do this:

You enjoy the freedom to progress every day 📈

While others stay put, you have the freedom to enjoy real progress and innovation when it comes to banking. You never have to worry about tiresome trips to a banking branch or dealing with bureaucracy that takes hours. We’re always growing and working hard to bring you the very best, so you can enjoy the benefits of truly innovative digital banking.

You have the freedom of knowing the truth 📖

bunq highly values transparency. You have the freedom and right to know exactly what’s happening with your money and basically everything “behind the scenes”. We have no dirty business to hide and we’re happy to be your open book.

You have the freedom of choice 🌱

You choose how your money is invested. You also have the freedom to say no to receiving interest. bunq is the only bank in the world where you are 100% in control of what happens to your money. It’s yours, after all.

The freedom of keeping things private 🕵️

Here’s another thing that stays yours - data. We’ll never sell your private information and we’ll never make a dime out of it. Nothing to worry about here!

The freedom to spend your time wisely ⏰

Everything we do here at bunq is with you in mind. We know how busy your days are. There are projects to do, ideas to work on, friends to see, family to take care of. There are movies to watch and recipes to try. We’re continually striving to save you more and more time. No need to put “scanning invoices”, “building a savings plan” or “sort salary” reminders in your calendar. We’ve got you covered!

The freedom to save money with zero effort 💰

Saving money shouldn’t be rocket science, although most banks make it feel that way. bunq helps you save money all the time, even when you don’t think about it! With a sky-high interest rate and features like Auto Save and 25 Bank Accounts, it’s never been easier to grow your savings. Simply open a savings account in the bunq app and save up for that sunny holiday on a wild beach. Or hiking, or city trips - whatever your dream is, it’s achievable.

The freedom to make a difference with zero effort 🌳

Easy Green was built to help you build a greener world, without actually having to do anything. You spend your money as you usually would, and we plant a tree for every € 100 you spend. Feel free to use any of your physical or virtual cards, including Apple Pay or Google Pay. Everything counts! Now sit back, and watch that forest grow, directly on the bunq app!

The freedom to be different 🌈

We’ve built a bank for all of you out there looking for something else.

You looked around and understood that the status quo was outdated and frankly a bit boring. You chose a bank that treats you differently and keeps you in mind every single minute.

We thank you for being with the bank of The Free!

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