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7 things that get you ready for autumn

October 8, 2020

1) Candles and fairy-lights 🕯️

Autumn is all about warmth and coziness. What better way to get into the mood than filling your house with scented candles and fairy lights? These are guaranteed to help you relax and enjoy your lovely home.

2) Pumpkin everything 🎃

Yes, yes it’s a cliche: but how lovely is a pumpkin pie, a pumpkin latte or a pumpkin anything really? One of the best things about having 4 seasons is that we get to enjoy things typical for that time of year. Pumpkin is great to eat, carve or use for its scent. Either way, it will bring the autumn spirit into your home in no time.

3) Declutter and donate 👗

We always talk about spring cleaning but the autumn one is just as essential! A deep clean doesn’t always (or only) involve scrubbing and dusting. It can also mean having a look at things that you no longer want or need. Donating some of them is not only a great way to help, it also creates more space and let’s be honest: gives you a reason to go shopping sooner rather than later.

4) Blankets time ☂

It’s time to dig out all the cozy blankets and cushions and let them take over your couch! It’s important to create a great atmosphere while watching a Harry Potter marathon...again. This will also help with lowering your electricity bill and therefore being greener! If you’re looking for more ways of living a sustainable lifestyle, check out bunq Easy Green.

5) Flannel Pyjamas out 👕

Speaking of keeping warm while keeping the bill low...get yourself some cozy flannel pyjamas and enjoy them throughout the whole cold season! Since we’re working from home more often, you may rock them all day long. Okay, you may have to put on a shirt for a couple of meetings but we all know appropriate pants are optional!

6) It’s books season 📚

There are a few better things in life than spending a rainy afternoon with a good book. While nice weather and calls from friends may distract you during the glorious summer months, plans are now fewer and it’s all about you time. Grab your favorite book or discover a new one, put on a face mask and enjoy some quality time with yourself.

7) New beginnings 🚀

Now that we’ve talked about what we can do inside to relax and unwind, let’s also touch on productivity. Autumn is the perfect time to start something new that can be learnt from home or online. Follow a course from the comfort on your couch or choose something like sports to keep active. Either way, you grow as a person and you’ll be all done with your activity just in time for spring when we all plan to be outside more.

Here you go! These are 7 simple things that you can do to make sure you’re ready to enjoy every single moment of autumn.

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