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7 fun and easy ways to raise money for causes you care about

July 21, 2020

Raising money is not as scary as it sounds, and if it’s for a cause that you can really relate to, all the fun and adrenaline will take over anxiety. You’re probably already familiar with the classics: online crowdfunding websites, or trying to get sponsorships from investors or bigger brands. While these are great options, we wanted to share with you some simpler and more local ways of doing things.

Partner up with your favorite restaurant or bar 🥂

Head out into your neighborhood and ask around if your favorite spots would be willing to share some of their daily profits for your cause. Why would anyone do that, you ask? It’s simple. They get to do a good thing and be recognized for it, and they reach new customers that you bring from your network. The overall value is bigger than the “lost” profits, and you’d be surprised how many venues would be willing to take part.

Once you find the perfect location, organize a fun event (international dinner, beer tasting, karaoke night) and have fun while raising funds!

As long as you’re moving, you’re winning 🏃

Turns out, you can actually do 2 great things at once - keep moving and staying healthy, while you give back to a good cause. Mini-marathons or organized cycles are a popular way of raising money for a cause with minimal costs involved.

The way it works is you ask people to pledge to your cause once you complete a challenge: running, swimming, cycling, a mud-race...the possibilities are endless, so choose your adventure!

The fashionable fundraiser 👠

A cute and relatively cheap way to raise money and give a “souvenir” of appreciation in return is to design a T-shirt (or hoodie, or whatever you’re into). You can usually go for low production costs if you have a larger order, and then sell them for double the price, giving all profits to the cause you support.

This is also a common method used nowadays, and there are plenty of tools to help you with production and transportation! Keep in mind that people are often proud to support certain causes, and they love having something that shows for it.

Did someone say food? 🍜

Another lovely way to get people together is around that thing everyone loves: food. Organizing a community potluck event is loads of fun and great vibes all around.

All you have to do is find a location - if the weather is on your side, any park should do! - and decide on the ticket price, which will be the donation.

You really don’t need that anymore 👖

Decluttering and letting go of things isn’t always easy. We all tend to simply buy and keep too many things. Those jeans that you never wore in the past 2 years? You’ll most probably never wear again.

Go all Marie Kondo, find what brings joy, and let go of the rest with a good old garage sale. Collect all this money for your cause, and now you have a better living space as well as peace of mind!

Social media to the rescue 💻

There is so much content around nowadays that chances are if you don’t go viral, you get lost. Brands and individuals constantly try to gain more views and followers, so they can get their voices heard.

You know a good way to do that? Create a fun challenge that people actually love to do and share. Most of the time these are funny or even a little embarrassing, but all worth it for the cause. Remember the Ice Bucket Challenge that took over the internet for months?

All with a tap in the app 🌈

Now that you’ve got all these fun ideas on how to raise money for a cause you care for, don’t forget to choose a simple medium to easily control the funds. Through Common Goals in the bunq app, you can create your campaign within seconds, and have everyone donate to it: friends, loved ones and the whole bunq community. Raising money has never been easier!

Here you go! 7 easy and fun ways of raising money for causes that you care about. No matter which one you choose, enjoy the journey and be proud of yourself.

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