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6 ways to use bunq with your friends

December 29, 2021

Ever wonder how you can use your mobile bank account together when on a weekend trip, or a fun night out with friends? Read on!

Have fun worry-free with Activities🎉

No need to calculate who paid for drinks on the first night and who paid for lunch later on. Simply start an activity and automatically add all expenses to a shared pot. At the end, you can split it with one tap. You’ll always know who paid for what, with zero math skills involved.

Explore new hot-spots with Places📍

Tired of researching where to hang out next weekend, or on an upcoming trip? Rely on your friends’ experiences! Use Places to find out where other bunqers have been and always enjoy the best hot spots in town.

Stay in touch with Inner Circle⭕

You can easily find all your bunq friends in one place. Add them to your Inner Circle for automatically accepting payments from each other. Stay in touch and never lose sight of other bunqers.

Easily split receipts at the end of the night🥂

Say goodbye to splitting receipts the old school way. You can now just scan it and ask your friends to tap on their share. Once everyone selected their items, simply send them a payment link to instantly get paid back. It’s that simple!

Your sharable bunq.me link🌈

Speaking of easily getting paid back…you can always send your life-long, personalized bunq.me link to your friends. You can use it to request a certain amount of money back, or you can send an open one, so your friends decide how much they pay you back. The choice is yours!

Gift tree planting and become CO2 free together🌳

Looking for a sustainable gift to give to your Bestie? How about sustainable banking? If you’re an Easy Green bunqer, you can gift tree planting to one of your friends. This means they’ll also be able to plant a tree for each € 100 spent with their cards, no matter what bunq plan they have. You’ll both become CO2 free* in just 2 years!

Here you go🙌

6 fun ways to use bunq with your friends. Enjoy spending time together, without the hassle of money admin.

* Based on the average yearly carbon footprint of a European citizen and the average number of trees planted each year by an Easy Green user. Learn more here.

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