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6 things that you can easily start learning today!

May 7, 2020
Woman doing yoga

Don’t panic - learning something new doesn’t have to mean sitting down at your desk, taking notes and worrying about the final result. Nowadays, learning can be super easy and fun - and the possibilities are really endless!

One of the main problems with learning is finding the time to do so. Here at bunq we’re always trying to save you more time so you can focus on what truly matters to you. If you’ve been thinking about attributing some of that time to learning and growing as a person, here are a few ideas:

Pick up that guitar or ukulele from the forgotten corner of your room 🎸

Music is always a good idea to stay sane. Most of us said at one point that we’ll finally learn how to play “Wonderwall” on that guitar. Some purchased a cute little ukulele instead that you can easily take with you whenever you move! Time to pick those up and start learning today! It’s fun, relaxing and of course, it will make you the star of every party! Whenever we can attend those again...

Remember when you said one day you will definitely learn how to take beautiful photographs? 📸

Back in the day, it took a really expensive and heavy camera to take good pictures. Okay, that’s still the better option today - but of course, meanwhile, our mobile phones magically transformed into pretty decent cameras too! How about learning something new about close-up photography or how to take beautiful pictures of children and pets? We definitely want to know how to take gorgeous pictures of our pets, they deserve it! You could take some online classes and then practice, practice, and practice some more.

Want to get serious? 📜

Learning something new doesn’t have to be a proper university course - but it definitely can be! Moreover, you can now enjoy free courses from Ivy League Universities, which is pretty cool, given that most of us weren’t Harvard or Yale students in real life. Here’s a list of all classes offered by these world-famous universities.

I don’t have (much) time for this ⏰

Very understandable. Some of you are experiencing an even busier schedule than usual these days, and finding some time for self-help and learning is a challenge. The good news is that some good people out there made super short and valuable online classes to help you grow. Some of them are as short as 1 hour and can have a true impact on your lifestyle. For example, this one teaches you how to become successful in every aspect of your life.

I need a minute for myself 💆

A lot of you nowadays need to incorporate homeschooling in your daily schedules. If you’re more interested in relaxing all by yourself at the end of such a day, we have a solution for that too! How about keeping the little ones busy with learning something new? This is actually a good time to teach them a valuable skill that maybe schools don’t focus much on. Be that cooking, time management, savings, or learning a new language, there’s an app for that.

Keep it moving 🏃

One of the main challenges of staying home is keeping active. Our day-to-day life usually pushes us to get out, commute, move. Since none of this is happening right now, our bodies need us to workout more than ever. Now, that doesn’t mean you need to go hard on burpees and jumping jacks. There’s something for everyone: from stretches and beginner’s yoga, to HIIT classes if that’s your thing. Why not learn something new to benefit both your body and mind? If you’ve never tried it before, meditation would be a good thing to incorporate next to your workout too. After all, who doesn’t want a couple of minutes spent in complete silence?

Here are bunq’s 6 suggestions about things that you could start learning today. Learning is one of the most beautiful things that we can enjoy as humans. It helps us grow and become a better version of ourselves. Let’s make the best out of this!

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