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5 ways you can support small businesses during COVID-19

March 30, 2020
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Times like these can actually bring out the best in people. Nothing can really stop us from making a positive impact where and when it’s needed most. In one way or another, we can all help small businesses survive and make sure they’re still there when all goes back to normal. After all, there’s always a rainbow after the rain, right? 🌈

Here are 5 things you can do to start helping today:

1. Shop small 👌

Life may not be exactly business as usual for most of us right now, but we still need food, clothes, or maybe a small gift for that friend’s birthday on the other side of the continent. So how about shopping local and small instead of buying from big brands that first come to mind? Your favorite corner shop, that one-man business that makes super cool T-shirts, the store where you find funny games - they’re all good choices.

You can search even closer: do you maybe have a friend that just started selling their paintings and you want to brighten up that living room? They’ll be glad you thought of them!

There are plenty of local and niche options out there, for pretty much anything you’d like to buy. Big names will definitely make it through this; it’s the small ones that need a helping hand from us right now.

2. Buy direct 🏬

Do you prefer shopping online? It makes perfect sense, as we’re all asked to be inside as much as possible to stay healthy. There are just as many ways for you to contribute in the online space!

Now, where to look...on Amazon, Etsy? Sure, that’s what we’ve been doing for a while. It’s okay if you find what you’re looking for on large platforms, but try to check the websites of small businesses before placing an order - sometimes, you may get a discount for this!

bunq users don’t even need to get off the couch and go look for their card while online shopping (come on, we all know that’s a pain) - our Online Cards magically transform your phone into a proper credit card! For extra security, you can also dispose of this card as soon as you’re done shopping. That way you're being safe, for your finances, your health and that of others and you're even helping small businesses!

3. Spread the word! 🎤

According to Nielsen, people are 92% more likely to trust recommendations from friends and family instead of traditional advertising. Now, I’m sure you already told your best friend and your mom about the corner flower shop that always makes the most beautiful bouquets - but this is a great time to take it a step further and spread the love on your social media channels. This way, you can support your favorite small business for free!

A picture of the product, a mention of the company’s name, a description where you share your enthusiasm...these all take minimum effort and can have a huge positive impact.

4. Buy vouchers or gift cards 🎁

No products available, so you cannot spread the love on social media? There are other options!

If you’d like to support businesses that cannot currently produce or send products, ask if you can buy vouchers or gift cards instead. Small companies that provide services may have a similar option too. This way, you’re financially supporting them when needed most, and getting to enjoy your favorite items or experiences later on!

5. Don’t cancel or ask for a refund 🎫

Keeping a small subscription active or not asking for a refund from a small business that currently gets a lot of similar requests is a great way to show support right now.

I know what you’re thinking: why not cancel a subscription, an order or anything that you can no longer enjoy? Of course this is not an option for many people who are personally struggling with savings and it makes perfect sense to cancel expensive things like flights or big festival tickets.

However, if you can afford it and your cancellation is connected to a small business, they would very much appreciate your reconsideration.

Maybe you’re paying a monthly subscription to that small cinema that only shows classic old movies, or to those two guys who just started a business and send you a monthly package of special beers. Remaining a client throughout the COVID-19 breakout would mean a lot to them. Plus, who knows what advantages you may be offered once they’re back on their feet? We all love loyalty programs! 🙌

Here you have them! 5 ways to support small businesses. I hope you’ll consider a contribution to keep them going through this challenging time. We all need just a little bit more love right now ❤️.

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