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5 ways bunq can help you with New Year resolutions

January 5, 2021

If you also set a couple of resolutions for the new year and are looking for ways to stick to them and achieve your ultimate goals, read on! Here’s 5 ways bunq can help with that:

1) Follow your dream and open your own business 🙌

If this has been on your mind for a while, then it’s probably within your resolutions. What better time to start fresh? Following your dream and building something from scratch is a rewarding journey, but it can also take a lot of your time. That’s why we don’t want you to waste any minute with bureaucracy or banking affairs.

Opening a business account with bunq takes a couple of minutes. It’s all done through the app, so no need to go to a branch and carry dozens of papers with you. Besides, you never have to worry about manual bookkeeping again since it’s all automated. Paying invoices is done through a simple scan, and you can add or remove a director without any paperwork or waiting, simply by using the app.

It’s really never been easier - see all the benefits here and start today!

2) Spend more time doing what you love ❤️

Learning how to say “no” to things that no longer serve you and putting all your time and energy in things you truly enjoy and help you grow is very important.

To help you save time for yourself and what you love, we have a couple of handy tricks. For example, it takes seconds to open a bank account, and a few more seconds to open up to 25 sub-accounts from there. Activate the Dual PIN function to always carry 1 card with you that works for different sub-accounts: 1 PIN code for groceries, 1 PIN code for take-aways!

Oh, and remember having to manually budget your income to stay on top of your finances? The Payment Sorter does that for you automagically. Set it up once, never think about it again.

Looking for more ways to save time? We’ve got you covered. Check this out.

3) Use bunq to grow your wealth without effort 💸

2020 taught us that we never know what’s coming. Savings and organizing money took on a whole new meaning. Whether you’re looking to save for a great trip to Bali (fingers crossed!) or a well-deserved day at the SPA next week, we can help with that. The best part? You don’t really have to do much!

You can simply set up a Savings Account in seconds and turn on AutoSave to round up every purchase. Coffee for € 2.30? Congrats, you just added 70 cents to your Savings Account! And the best part: at bunq you get [.geotargetlygeocontent1681395996476_default]1.56%[.geotargetlygeocontent1681395996476_default][.geotargetlygeocontent1681395996476_content_3]1.56%[.geotargetlygeocontent1681395996476_content_3][.geotargetlygeocontent1681395996476_content_4]1.56%[.geotargetlygeocontent1681395996476_content_4][.geotargetlygeocontent1681395996476_content_5]1.56%[.geotargetlygeocontent1681395996476_content_5][.geotargetlygeocontent1681395996476_content_1]2.46%[.geotargetlygeocontent1681395996476_content_1][.geotargetlygeocontent1681395996476_content_2]2.55%[.geotargetlygeocontent1681395996476_content_2]* interest on your savings, an interest rate much higher than what you’d get at a traditional bank. So saving money is very easy with bunq!

Another great way to never overspend is setting up Budgets - you’ll know exactly where you stand, and we’ll let you know if you’re getting close to the amount you’ve set. Have a quick look at your Subscriptions tile too! There’s almost always a better deal out there that can help you save money while enjoying the same benefits.

Want to know more about saving money with bunq? Get the full list of benefits here.

4) Live a more sustainable lifestyle 🌳

The fact that the future of our planet depends on us is no secret. One can’t change the world, but together we can truly make a difference. The question is - what can I do to make a change? Check if what you have plugged in around the house is actually being used, make a habit of always turning off the lights when you leave a room and put a comfy sweater on to turn the heating down just a notch. These are ideas that can have an impact without much effort.

Now, on to things that take zero effort from your side: planting trees with the bunq app. By simply being an easyGreen member, you plant a tree for every €100 spent. If you invite a friend to join, you plant 20 trees together as soon as they accept your invite! Minors get to plant trees no matter what bunq plan they choose, since they are our future.

Looking to maximize your green impact? Start a Tribe and invite all your friends - the more, the merrier. For more ways to live a more sustainable lifestyle, check this out.

5) Live a beautiful, easy life 🌈

2020 was not the crazy, parties and vacations filled year some of us were hoping for. If anything, it taught us the importance of living simply, alone or with few loved ones around, and making the most out of it. Life has its ways and in 2021, there’s no need to look for more complications. That’s why everything we do at bunq is to make life easy. This year, you deserve to to be calm, happy and fill every second with whatever brings you joy. We’ll take care of your finances, hassle-free.

* MassInterest is 1.05% for businesses. All new bunq users residing in Germany receive 2.55% interest on their savings in the first 4 months. After the first 4 months, our standard interest rate of 1.56% applies. This does not apply to already registered bunq users, who continue to earn 1.56% on their savings at bunq.

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