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5 smart ways to use your 25 sub-accounts

November 17, 2021

While our bunqers use them in various ways that fit their needs, here are a couple of ideas on how to make use of sub-accounts!

1. Budgeting made 25 times easier✅

You don’t need multiple Excel sheets and a Masters in Economics to budget. In fact, all you need is your beloved banking app. Yes, yes - we mean bunq.

An easy way to make sure that your money is being spent the way you want is to organize it in sub-accounts as soon as it hits your bank account. You can do this with the Payment Sorter. You set the amounts (or percentages) you want in each sub-account when your salary comes in, and the app will sort your future incomes automagically. We recommend using the Payment Sorter because it’s harder - mentally - to spend money that was sorted with a purpose, meaning you’re less likely to spend it on something else.

2. Effortless savings 💸

Sub-accounts act like individual bank accounts, with their own IBANs and all - but you can also use them as a savings account. It’s super simple. You create a Savings Account right in the bunq app, personalize it (if you can picture it, you can achieve it, remember!), and start putting money aside with zero effort. A handy feature that helps with this is AutoSave, which rounds up each payment and invests it towards your savings goal...automatically! Paid €3.20 for a sandwich? Congrats, you just saved 80 cents!But it gets even better! At bunq, you earn 1.05% interest on your savings, an interest rate that’s much higher than what you’d get at traditional banks. So all those times you use AutoSave to add a bit to your Savings Account, really help you effortlessly grow your wealth over time!

Oh, and as with most things, saving money is easier together. You can also create a shared Savings Goal as one of your sub-accounts and save for a common dream with your friend or partner!

3. Different sub-accounts, different PINs 💳

If your money’s separated between different sub-accounts, why should they share the same PIN code? Well, they don’t have to. Each bunq card you have can be linked to 2 different sub-accounts, through 2 different PIN codes. That means your card will know from which sub-account to take the money when you pay for groceries, versus beers with friends. 

Set up your Dual PIN in the bunq app to make sure you always spend the money allocated to that activity.

4. Bank like a local with Local IBANs 🇪🇺

Living in the Netherlands, but freelancing often for clients in Spain? Expatting in Berlin, but calling France home? Digital banking should have no borders. After all, we’re a European bank. With bunq, you can bank like a local no matter where you are. Simply open a new sub-account (or more) with a Local IBAN that makes life easy. 

Choose between NL, DE, FR or ES and easily pay, receive or hold money. Stay tuned! We’re constantly adding more countries to this beautiful list.

5. Multiple currencies in one banking app 💪

Gone are the days when you needed a EUR bank account, a USD one, and so on. With the launch of Local Currencies, you can simply create a new sub-account to receive, convert, hold and spend in multiple foreign currencies without having to leave your banking app. Living a global lifestyle has never been easier! 

With 25 sub-accounts, you have plenty of freedom to open one for each currency that you need. We currently offer US Dollars ($), British pound sterlings (£), Swiss francs (CHF), Polish Zloty (zł) and Bulgarian lev (Лв), but worry not - it’s a work in progress. You can always tell us what other currencies you’d like to see in the app through this link.

There you go! 5 smart ways to use your 25 sub-accounts in the bunq app 🌈

Got more ideas? We’d love to hear from you! Let us know how you use your sub-accounts on our socials or on Together.

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