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5 ways in which giving back makes you grow

July 23, 2020
Three people volunteering to pick up plastic in nature

The short answer is quite simple: we give back because we’re humans, and we’re looking for meaning. It was Gandhi who once said “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others”.

While you know we’re big fans of investing in yourself first, he definitely had a point. We see it all the time when we talk to friends who volunteer, or that have traveled the world and met many new and interesting people. So here’s the importance of giving back, and how it makes you grow!

It’s good for your health 🧘

It goes without saying that doing something good for a cause that matters to you will do wonders for your mind and soul. But it’s actually been proven that people who volunteer throughout their life tend to live longer and be healthier overall. You give to others, and that gives back to you!

Meeting people alike 🧑‍🤝‍🧑

You know what’s the best part of pretty much anything we do in life? The people we meet and the ones we take along these adventures. Being involved in charities or similar activities means you’ll get to meet likeminded people and probably make some new friends for life. It’s a great way to expand your network at any stage in life, but even more valuable if you’re in a new place and looking to find your people.

You can actually improve your own life 🙌

You don’t always have to help communities on a different continent or far away from you. If you look around, there are probably loads of ways to give back to your own community or to those close by. That means that you’re not only helping others, you’re also helping yourself! For example, taking part in an initiative about improving kids’ parks in your neighborhood or making roads safer will also make your life easier.

New skills and expertise are awaiting 💡

Naturally, when you meet new people, you’re also exposed to new expertise that helps you grow. This is also a wonderful way to learn about leadership and managing, in a friendly and familiar environment. Take advantage - in a good way! - of your new community, learn everything you can from them and share your own knowledge too. Growing together is a beautiful thing.

Be the change you want to see in the world ❤️

This may be the last point, but it’s definitely not the least important. Doing something good that you’re truly involved with, mind and body, sets an example for those around you and for the world at large. We all want to meet more people who are dedicated, caring and strong. And for that, we need to be those people first.

Remember, everything starts with you - and you can make a huge impact when you give back!

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