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5 great tips for productivity while working from home

November 9, 2020

Here are 5 great tips to help out! 🌈

1. Create a morning and an evening routine ☕

When we go to the office, we tend to get ready and maybe enjoy a nice breakfast before our commute. This helps our body “wake up” and get ready for the day to come. Things can get a bit trickier when working from home. It’s (too) easy to set up the alarm clock 2 minutes before logging in and jumping straight into it. Not easing ourselves into the work process can make us slow, demotivated, and increase procrastination.

To make sure you’re always at your best, set up a morning routine and stick to it. This will tell your mind and body that we’re about to start the day and we need to rock it! It can be as simple as making coffee and taking a minute to truly enjoy it, reading 10 pages from your favorite book, or going for a short jog. Do what makes you happy to start the day right.

Similarly, it’s important to give a cue to yourself that the workday is over and it’s time to mentally log off. Listen to a podcast, go grocery shopping, or stretch with a good yoga practice. Whatever you choose, try to set a specific time for it and respect it. Giving yourself a deadline every single day and respecting boundaries is important for your productivity and your mental health.

2. Work when you’re most productive 💻

We do our best, but no one can be productive 24/7. A great thing to do is to observe your working behavior and write down when you feel most productive. Is it during the early hours of the day, or are you more of an after-sunset person? Once you know, organize your tasks accordingly. Focus on your most important and challenging work during your max productive hours, and “relax” by checking emails or organizing your drive during the lower energy hours.

3. Take breaks and respect them 🧘

The good thing about working from home? Janice and Ken won’t stop by your office every 10 minutes to distract you, so you can actually focus on deep work. The bad thing? Since Janice and Ken don’t stop by anymore, it’s easy to forget how important it is to stop, take a break, and re-energize.

Breaks are extremely important for productivity and overall focus. Schedule them, set reminders, and make sure to respect them. Was lunch shorter than expected? Go for a walk, practice meditation for 10 minutes, or dance along to a funky song. Value your time off to make the most out of your workday.

4. Leave home and enjoy social time 🏞️

With groceries being delivered to our doorstep, millions of workouts available online, and Happy Hours moving to video calls, it’s easy to forget about leaving the house and interacting with actual people. However, we’re still social creatures that need real-life connections, sunlight, and fresh air.

If the county where you live allows it, try leaving the house at least once a day. You can do it with a purpose (walk the dog, buy something you need), or simply to free your mind. Even a short chat with a friend or a stranger in the park will do wonders for your productivity and focus once you get back home. Dividing your day into segments is crucial for max productivity, and leaving the house is a healthy way to enjoy these breaks.

5. Find the perks and use them to stay motivated 🙏🏻

Sometimes being home for longer than we’d like to gets a bit demotivating. That’s why it’s important to take a moment and see the light, the perks of this situation. This can mean spending more time with your dog, enjoying a home-cooked meal every day, or getting an extra hour of sleep. Finding joy in the little things and recognizing the advantages that we have these days is important to stay motivated and inspired.

Here you go! 5 great tips for productivity while working from home! 🙌

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