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5 goals that bunqers easily achieved

#goals is not just a trendy hashtag you see around social media. It stands for everything that you’re trying to achieve, from owning the new shoes that you’ve been keeping an eye on to finally buying your own apartment. Small or big, goals are important and we’re happy to help you achieve them.

How? We’ve built a couple of features designed to save you money so you can reach your financial freedom.Instead of describing them, let’s hear from 5 bunqers that easily achieved their #goals with bunq!

1. My sister really wanted a Nintendo Switch but always failed to save enough money 🎮

Ajara’s sister has been dreaming of a Nintendo Switch for months but never saved enough money for the purchase. Every time she was getting close she’d move some money around or buy something else - so that really wasn’t working out.

“I told her about bunq and Savings Goals. At first she wasn’t impressed, as she set goals with her other bank before and that didn’t work. What she didn’t know was that with bunq you have to withdraw the whole amount at once so it definitely makes you think twice before you do it! Eventually, she saved enough money and got a new Nintendo Switch exactly when the Animal Crossing edition was restocked. She was so excited!”

2. I set a savings goal for my house and I’m already 30% there after only one month 🏠

Tom set up a Savings Goal to improve his house and buy some new stuff he had his eyes on. He’s already come so far in only one month because the goal is so visible for him in the app that he can’t forget about it.

“The fact that it’s right there to see every day in the app helps a lot. Definitely keeps me on track. I’m pretty confident I’ll reach it way before I initially estimated.”

3. I’m moving and I’m not scared about this large cash-outflow at once 📦

Andra knew she was about to move 3 months ago and was pretty terrified about how much money she would have to pay at once. You know: the deposit, first month rent, getting a van, cleaning, all the fun stuff.

“I didn’t really trust myself to have a large amount of money ready for that day, so I set up a shared Savings Goal with my partner. I was so relieved when we achieved it knowing that I don’t have to worry about it anymore.”

4. The money I automatically save with bunq goes into books 📚

Marta has her Auto-Save feature on, which means she automatically saves money with every single purchase. If she spends 80 cents, it gets rounded up to €1 saving her 20 cents without noticing. So where does the money end up going?

“I’m investing it in my own growth! I always use the money saved to buy books. I check my goal once a month, empty that account and purchase a book. It’s a bit of a tradition now actually. On New Year’s Eve I said I’ll read 12 books this year so bunq is helping me achieve that goal”.

5. I was saving for a paddleboard. Summer’s over, but I’m still buying something cool 🏄

David was planning to buy a paddleboard to enjoy throughout the summer, so he set-up a savings goal and automatically rounded up each spend to €5. That’s some ambition right there!

“This actually helped me change a lot of my bad spending habits like getting snacks from vending machines. I used to spend a lot in little €2-€3 purchases. Suddenly when they all took €5 from my weekly spending account, I was a lot more careful about not falling into temptation. By the time I reached my goal I realised it's getting too cold to SUP, so now I’m getting a slackline with that money instead!”

Here you have them, 5 #goals that were easily achieved by bunqers! 🌈

Are you looking forward to something and need a bit of cash (the digital kind) to make it happen?

Set up your Savings Goal today and make it happen!