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5 fun things to do while we wait for the summer

April 23, 2021

1. Learn a language...ish💡

You don’t have to go fluent in a couple of months - unless you’re very gifted, then by all means do. But if you’re planning to hit the Spanish beaches later this summer, a productive and safe way to pass the time is learning a few words and phrases. This will make your life easier and get you that extra boost of confidence when ordering your cold cerveza. Plus, the locals always love it when you make an effort, so you’ll probably end up with some extra smiles and good vibes around you. Have fun!

2. Photograph your way around the city📸

Walks have probably never been more popular than they are nowadays. And that’s great, since walking is an easy way to keep healthy, physically and mentally. While you wonder around your city, which probably looks emptier than you’ve ever seen it before, take a phone or camera with you and take a couple of shots. After all, it’s a unique time which gives unique perspectives to places that other times may be packed. The Eiffel tower, the Brandenburg Gate, the Amsterdam canals; they all look uniquely beautiful right now. Who knows, maybe it becomes a real hobby or part-time gig after all!

3. Enjoy safe times outdoors🏞️

We all miss restaurants and bars, but we can still enjoy great food and drinks in a park. Thankfully, the weather is getting warmer and in most places we are (or soon will be) able to hang out with a friend. If you’d like to support the horeca industry meanwhile, grab your favorite take-away, and enjoy the fresh air and sun. Not a fan of sitting around in the park? Get more adventurous and enjoy hikes or cycles around your location. You’ll surely find some nature gems that you didn’t know about.

4. Make a bucket list📜

We probably all have some sort of fear of missing out by now, but a weird one, because we’re in it together. Soon we’ll be able to do the things we love again, and maybe even catch-up a little bit. So what’s the plan? Are you looking to travel around Asia for a couple of months, or finally start taking driving lessons? How about finally starting your freelance career, or becoming a digital nomad? Turn dreams into reality with a bucket list. It will give you plenty of things to look forward to!

5. Little acts of kindness❤️

Just like you, everyone else is at home and excited for the summer and better times. The past year has been a bit isolating, so even a small act of kindness can change someone’s mood completely. It could be a card, a home cooked meal, or some seasonal tulips. Show someone you’re thinking of them, and you’ll surely make their day. Bonus points, it will cheer you up too; it’s what doing good does.

There you go! 5 fun things to do while we wait for the summer🌈

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