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5 easy ways to live more sustainably

April 13, 2021

Check out these 5 easy ways to live more sustainably!

1. Shop wisely👖

It goes without saying that most of us buy more than we need, simply because it’s easy, affordable and pretty fun. A good first step into changing this habit is to practice the so-called “window shopping” and actually ask ourselves if we really need what we’re about to purchase. Or as Marie Kondo would say - does it really spark joy?

Another mantra to follow is the good old “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”. Even with conscious shopping, we’re still going to buy things, which is perfectly okay. However, we can consider giving them a longer life either by reusing them, or by already buying 2nd hand items. Thrift shops are all the hype nowadays anyway, and often they have more unique and funky items than regular shops. Saving the planet and getting some compliments, done in one step!

If you are looking for new items but still want them to be sustainable, try to go for specific platforms or shops that take time to select the fabric and clothes they sell in a conscious manner.

2. Make your home greener💚

Making some small adjustments to our homes won’t only help the beautiful Mother Earth, it will also help our wallet. This is especially important these days, when we spend so much time at home and probably also turn it into an office.

An easy way to start is by checking the insulation of the house, and make sure to have proper windows that can keep the heat in. You may think that’s a given, but in a lot of historical buildings in beautiful cities...it’s not (shout-out to cute, old Amsterdam houses).

Here’s another quick step to take. Replace old light bulbs with LEDs. Standard LED bulbs can be up to 80% more energy efficient than conventional bulbs. That’s a pretty high percentage! Similarly, you can opt for smart powers strips, which switch off electronics when you’re not using them.

3. Replace plastic🙌

As we know, plastic never goes away, and it pretty much always ends up in the wrong places - like in our beautiful waters. Fortunately, there are plenty of substitutes today, and there aren’t many circumstances where plastic is still needed in our everyday lives.

For starters, get yourself one of those nice water bottles that you can carry everywhere. There are so many brands out there making these, that we truly believe there is no design you cannot find.

Another easy-peasy thing to do is have a reusable shopping bag, so you don’t have to buy the supermarket’s plastic ones. In case you forgot it and had to buy a plastic one, reuse this one too and make the most out of it, before recycling it responsibly.

Last but not least, ditch the plastic straws. It may seem like such a small amount of plastic to worry about, but you know...the more, the merrier. Opt for a metal reusable straw instead, that you can always carry around. Better for the planet, and they look a lot cooler.

4. Eat from your neighbors🍎

Okay, not literally - but eating locally is actually a great way of becoming more sustainable. Not only you’re getting fresher, healthier produce, you’re also reducing your CO2 footprint. Why? It takes a lot less logistics to bring local produce to your table, compared to the one imported from far away countries - which is what you’ll usually find on your supermarket’s shelves. Eating what’s in season (as much as possible, of course) is also a good way to support this.

Eating locally has many benefits for you and the planet, but also helps support the community. Giving back is always great, but especially in times like these, when small vendors have been hit quite hard.

One last thing, speaking of food...if you do purchase items that are imported from all over the world (like coffee, tea or chocolate), try to opt for products that have the fair-trade certification.

5. Choose brands that value your values🌈

We’ve changed our view on sustainability in recent years, and so have many brands. There’s so much choice nowadays, that we can really filter the ones that value our own values. With the internet basically answering any question, a quick search can tell if a brand deserves your money and attention, or if you should look a bit further.

You may not think of your bank when it comes to choosing “brands”, but it’s worth looking into. Every bank uses your stored money to make investments. Those investments make an impact, but you never have a say in what impact, which isn’t right. If you’re looking for a bank that lets you decide what happens to your money, consider joining bunq for a free trial, or learn more about Freedom of Choice here.

There you go! These are 5 easy ways to live more sustainability. You can start today!

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