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January 24, 2020


5 cool ways you can automate your finances with your favorite apps

With our newest integration with Zapier, you can start automating tasks in a fun, convenient and customized way.

Simple financial tasks can continue to pop-up left and right when running a business. Although they’re necessary to keep everything running smoothly, they can waste a lot of time, and in all honesty, be really boring to do.

With our newest integration with Zapier, you can start automating tasks in a fun, convenient and customized way. And don’t worry, you don’t need to be a developer to get started. All you have to do is link your Business account to your favorite apps (there’s over 1,500 apps to choose from) and you’re all set to perform a variety of automations in combination with your bunq account.

Need some inspiration? Check out 5 cool ways you can automate your finances using bunq and your favorite apps below:

1. Slack | Remind yourself when your balance is low 🔔

Declined payments in the checkout line are a thing of the past! By connecting bunq with Slack, you can automatically send yourself a reminder when a sub-account drops below a certain balance. This will remind you to top up the account without ever having to check the app.

2. Google Sheets | Keep track of all your company transactions 📊

Don’t worry about saving those receipts any longer. By connecting your bunq account to Google Sheets, you can automatically have all company transactions documented in one, simple spreadsheet. Have multiple employees? If you give each employee their own bunq card, you can even organize expenses in separate tabs and visualize them with a graph too!

3. WordPress | Publish updates for crowdfunding, donations or events 📣

Want to show the world the progress of your crowdfunding campaign? You can do this and easily keep track of incoming donations by connecting your bunq account to WordPress. Every time someone donates money through your personal payment link, your website will automatically update itself to show recent donations, both who donated the total amount you’ve earned!

4. Strava | Motivate a healthier lifestyle while saving up for your next company party 🤸‍♀️

What’s a better way to kick off the new year and encourage fitness than a little financial incentive, a.k.a Friday drinks? By connecting your bunq account to Strava, whenever someone in your company gets active, money will automatically be added to your sub-account or Savings Goal of choice. We recommend using it to fund your next team event!

5. Philips Hue | Turn your office lights green when your favorite day of the month rolls around 💸

Going green just got a whole new meaning. By connecting your bunq account to Philips Hue, you can automatically have all the lights in your office turn green when salaries come in. Fair warning: you may never be able to see a green light the same way again.

Want more information on how to get started with bunq and Zapier integrations? You can find out more on Together here.

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