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5 brand new ways to save time with bunq

January 26, 2021
bunq Update 17 Save Time banner

Loyalty Cards 💳

Know that feeling when you’re done with groceries and have to search through 20 loyalty cards to find the right one for your favorite store? Forget all about that! Your loyalty cards are now all in one place. Simply add them to the bunq app and have full access anytime, anywhere.

Places 🌆

How much time have you spent trying to look back and figure out that pizza place that your friend enjoyed but can’t remember? You can now easily explore all the hot spots you and your friends love! Use this feature to see what Places other bunqers enjoyed, or when you’re visiting a new destination and looking for the best recommendations!

Inner Circle ⭕

Using bunq with friends and loved ones? Add them to your Inner Circle for an easy overview and never lose sight of them again. Save time when looking for your connected users, +1s and checking what they’re up to: all your bunq friends are now in one place. Moreover, you’ll share your favorite Places with your Inner Circle, and you’ll see theirs too!

Activities 🎉

It’s now super easy to manage expenses at the end of a fun trip with friends. Keep track of who paid what automagically and split it with one tap. Once you start an activity with others, all expenses from your cards will go into one pot. When it’s time to settle the bill(s), tap the magic button and...that’s it!

Payment Sorter % 💯

Based on your feedback, we’ve added the option of sorting your income by %. You only need to set it up once, and from that moment on, it will automatically do it every time. Of course, you can still choose amounts instead of % - the choice is yours!

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