Bunq apps that make your life easy
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5 apps that make your life easy

There are some things in life that deserve your full time and attention: your loved ones, your you time, your hobbies, or a good meal with friends. And there are some things that can be done quicker and better with just 1 app.

We have gathered loads of great apps for you in the past years, and they’re all integrated within your bunq app already. From saving money, to saving time, to simply making life more fun, there’s an app for everything. Let’s take a closer look at our top 5!

1) Save money with Dyme

Dyme is a free app that gives you a clear overview of your finances, so you can maximize your savings.

It looks over your financial transactions and filters the stuff that really matters. The app also points out to you draining subscriptions that you don’t actually need, and it even suggests better options or deals. Talk about zero effort!

2) Support each other with SharePeople Crowdsurance

If we’ve learnt anything this year, that’s how important it is to have a back up and a little help when it comes to income loss due to sickness or other factors.

If you’d rather look out for fellow entrepreneurs and have their support in return, SharePeople Crowdsurance is the app for you. You help each other like a strong community and make sure no one is left behind, even without an insurance company. It’s low cost and takes only 2 minutes to set up!

3) Easily manage all your finances with Tellow

Are you a freelancer looking for a tool that helps you control all finances without hassle? Look no further. This app automates your financial administration and gives you back your freedom!

Tellow is your best friend if you’re looking for a tool that easily prepares a tax report for you every quarter. All you have to do is send invoices and scan your receipts, and the app will book them for you. No need to waste time every 3 months on this!

Looking for even more options? Check out Bizcuit, you Swiss Army Knife when it comes to invoicing and easy finances. You can even make use of 3rd party services (such as invoice factoring). All in one app!

4) Stay organized with MoneyMoney

Do you love beautiful graphs and reports that reflect your finances? Can’t blame you!

MoneyMoney’s got you covered with a simple and elegant solution to keep track of your bunq account on macOS. You can submit payments, categorize transactions, create infographics and reports. And they even have a free trial version available!

5) Keep an eye on all your employees’ expenses with SRXP and SpendCloud

Own a small business and would like to give your employees a simple tool to handle their expenses? Say goodbye to individually submitted receipts and invoices. SRXP is an all-in-one solution, where they can use the mobile app to capture and organize expenses, and then all you have to do is approve them with 1 click in the online portal!

If you’re looking to also keep an eye on contract management or declarations, you may also want to check out Spend Cloud, another great app that offers a clear overview of your employees’ expenses.

Here you go!

Our top 5 apps that save you money and time every day. If you haven’t checked them out yet, make sure to browse through our store and pick the one that makes your life easy!