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5 amazing countries with visas for freelancers

July 2, 2021

1. Mexico🇲🇽

Mexico offers a temporary residence visa. This isn’t per se for freelancers, but it fits your needs just fine. It’s valid for a year, so you don’t have to do any border runs for renewals, and it’s super affordable: only $200 per year! The visa lets you work remotely, as long as your clients aren’t from Mexico. You need to provide proof of monthly income of $2000 and savings of $25,000.

Ready for Taco Tuesday every Tuesday?

2. Costa Rica🇨🇷

A long time favorite for freelancers and digital nomads, Costa Rica has a visa that lets you work from the beach while you sip on yummy, fruity drinks. The visa also works for people with passive income. Keep in mind that it may not be the best fit if you’re just starting your freelancing journey. They ask that you have $60.0000 to deposit in a Costa Rican bank account, all at once or in monthly instalments. The visa is valid for 2 years and it only costs $250.

If this sounds like a plan for you, download your favorite language app and start practicing those “una cerveza, por favor” for your fun evenings to come.

3. Barbados🇧🇧

Barbados joined the freelancers dream destinations in 2020 with their brand new visa for working remotely. The idea behind it was to give people a break from the pandemic life within cities. Now that the world is slowly opening up, that may not be so important anymore. Nevertheless, Barbados is a beautiful island for you to explore. The price for the visa isn’t small at $2000, but the process is hassle-free and all done online (and in English).

This is quite a difference from Costa Rica, for example, where the process could take long and it’s all done in Spanish. You’re expected to earn at least $50,000 per year and...that’s about it.

4. Antigua & Barbuda🇦🇬

What is that, you say? More Caribbean Islands? Okay! Antigua & Barbuda has a visa called NDR (Nomad Digital Residence) that can fit your freelancer needs. It’s valid for 2 years and you can apply if you have your own business or work remotely for a company based outside of the island. You’d have to earn $50,000 per year and have your insurance sorted out from your home country.

The cost is $1,5000 and the application can be done entirely online!

5. UAE, Dubai🇦🇪

Looking for something different? Then check out Dubai’s visa, which is valid for one year. You can bring your family and enjoy this city, all while you’re still employed in your home country or have your own business. It’s important to know that Dubai doesn’t levy any tax on individuals. The cost for the visa is very affordable at only $287, and the monthly salary requirement is $5,000.

Sounds like the place for you? Apply online and start your journey!

There you go! 5 amazing countries with visas for freelancers.

Will you take the leap and move to one of these places?

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