Bunq 4 great benefits that Easy Green users enjoy
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4 great benefits that Easy Green users enjoy

Being green is easy with bunq. You save CO2 by simply spending money with any of your cards. For each €100 you spend, we plant a tree so you can be CO2 free in less than 2 years effortlessly. We’ve recently added a couple of cool features for Easy Green members. Check them out!

Gift Tree Planting to your Bestie! 🧑‍🤝‍🧑

Maximize your green impact, together! Choose your Bestie and let them also plant a tree for every €100 spent, regardless of their bunq Plan.

Get your Easy Green widget 🌳

Share your green progress with everyone you love! Spread the love and show everyone how close you are to becoming CO2 free! You can add this widget to your website or blog in seconds. Follow these steps and we will email your widget to you in no time.

Your beautiful, personal avatar! 😍

You can now see your personal avatar next to each payment that you send or receive! We’ve added some extra details that make you stand out as an Easy Green member, like beautiful branches around your picture. These will be visible in your bunq app as well as on our community forum, Together. You also get a “CO2 Saver” tag next to your name, so all your friends know that you’re offsetting your CO2 footprint with everything you do!

Celebrate your progress with awesome trophies! 🏆

Planted your first 10 trees? Great, here’s a trophy that you can easily share with your friends! Getting serious and just planted 100 trees? You get another trophy! Sooner than you think you’ll achieve the ultimate milestone: 1000 trees!

Ready to enjoy the newest benefits of being an Easy Green member? Update your bunq app today! 🌈

Not an Easy Green member yet? Start your free trial today and plant 10 trees by clicking below.