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4 easy ways to make or save money at home

April 17, 2020
Woman sitting on a window with a book in her hands

Yes, yes, that doesn’t sound like the most fun option, but it doesn’t have to mean moving a mountain either.

Here are a couple of simple things you can do while at home to make or save some money:

1. Stay green 🌱

This is a super easy thing to do - keep an eye on electricity and water use. Let’s be honest, we all tend to let that light on for too long or not turn down the heating. Just by focusing on these things a little bit more, you won’t only save some money on bills, you’ll also be greener. And who doesn’t wanna be green - or Easy Green?

2. Look out for better deals 💻

Sometimes saving some extra money doesn’t mean having to cut out things you currently have, but just reevaluating your options! For example, if you have a good WiFi connection, you could cut on your mobile data plan since we’re mostly indoors. How about some research on insurance or other subscriptions? There are probably cheaper options out there, so look out!

3. Yes, you can be a chef 🍲

Okay, okay maybe not everyone, but most of us can actually put together a nice meal. With takeouts still being available in most places, it’s tempting to just press a button and get a ready-made meal. However, choosing for home-cooked instead is always a top option for reducing your spending! Your mom will probably be proud too.

4. Time to listen to Marie Kondo 👖

She was right all along. We should probably get rid of things that no longer bring us joy, and maybe make some money too! Try selling a thing or two on online market places - let’s face it, if you haven’t worn those jeans in the past 5 years, it’s never going to happen.

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