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August 13, 2020


4 benefits of travelling like a local

We're slowly getting back to travel, so let's explore the beautiful beaches in the South or experience capitals full of culture and history.

We think the best way to travel around is like - and with - a local. Let’s take a quick look at 4 main benefits!

1) A local story 🌆

Nowadays, it’s easy to get all the information you need with a couple of online searches. You could probably learn everything there is about the Acropolis before you visit. But remember how in school studying was way more difficult than hearing a cool story about a topic that the teacher was passionate about?

Similarly, learning about your travel destination from a local that is enthusiastic to share his hometown with you will bring that little bit of extra magic to your experience.

2) Take a walk on the wild side 🚶

If you have a whole week to spend at your destination, then you’ll probably find yourself off the beaten path at some point. However, if you have a day or 2 to explore, you’ll probably aim for the must-do’s and must-sees. And that’s ok!

But if you have a couple of hours left, you can always take a short tour off the beaten path with a local. They know the “secret” gems, and you’ll have a great story to share with you friends when you go back home: did you know about the side street with the oldest, local restaurant?

3) Speaking of food…🍕

When we travel, we sometimes try to eat local and traditional food, if dietary preferences permit us to. We look for pasta and pizza in Italy, croissants in France, gyros in Greece and tapas in Spain. But the question is - where is the best one? You may think that’s also easily solved with a Google search. However, since most European countries have a high amount of tourists, reviews may be influenced by them; which means that the “best local place to be at”, could now be picked by tourists instead of locals.

If that’s not the experience you’re looking for, ask for advice from a local foodie to make sure you get the golden tip that won’t break the bank.

4) Avoid the crowds 🧑‍🤝‍🧑

We usually try to avoid crowds, especially when visiting famous landmarks, but nowadays it’s more important than ever to keep our distance. A great way to safely explore your destination is to book a private tour with a local. They’ll make sure to take you around when the crowds are away, and of course, it’s only you (and your travel partners, if any) and them! It’s the most personal experience.

You can book such an experience with one of our partners, Withlocals! 🌈

Best part about it? bunq users get a 10% discount if they sign up here!

By the way, Withlocals actually provides all the lovely experiences we just mentioned: from history tales, to foodie tours and private excursions. They’re also covering the whole wide world, so we can enjoy every place with localsl, when the situation allows again!

If you were wondering what’s the best way to explore your next destination, sign up through this link and get the full, local experience. Share the great news with your friends, so everyone can enjoy the 10% discount.

And of course, don’t forget your travel card, so you can always save up to 3% when travelling abroad!

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