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3 ways to be the best you and pay yourself first

June 24, 2020
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A lot of times we feel the need to do things for others rather than ourselves. That’s not a bad thing! Just always remember you’re only able to help others when you’re doing well! There are plenty of ways to make sure that happens. Here are our top 3:

Make sleep a vital part of your self-care routine 😴

Telling you that sleep is important is not breaking news, of course. But we’re all guilty of treating sleep as this thing that wastes our time sometimes.

“If I wake up earlier, I could get more work done”. Sounds familiar?

Truth is, a night of proper 8-hour sleep will give you the energy to get all that work done quicker anyway. And better. Your body and mind will perform at their best, as long as they get long, good quality rest.

Speaking of quality: if stress from a long day is still lingering over, do what relaxes you most before falling asleep, like a short yoga session, meditation or maybe calming sounds.

Learn to say no 🙅

It’s important to focus on what you can realistically achieve throughout the day. Know that saying no when your plate is too full doesn’t mean you’re weak. It actually means that you’re self-aware and that you have the (rare) capacity to respect your own boundaries. So kudos to you!

Knowing that your needs come before others’ is a superpower that once you master it, will free your mind and change your life.

Treat yourself! 💆

Yas, queen! This is so important yet we almost never give it enough attention. Part of the reason why is because the concept is so broad.

Where do you start? What does it even mean?

It’s actually pretty simple: do what makes your soul happy, and do it often. Dancing? Massages? Hangouts? Wine tastings? There’s no wrong answer.

Make time for it instead of “I’ll do it when I have a second”. You wouldn’t do that with work meetings or projects, would you? Well, treating yourself is a pretty important task - put it in your calendar, follow through, and enjoy the results. Your mind and body will thank you.

How about the money? 💸

Yep, a classic: “I can’t afford to treat myself”. The impression is mainly given by not having a specific budget for this. The same way you just made this part of your calendar, you need to make it part of your financial situation. And there’s a really easy and fun way to do it.

Pay yourself first” is a popular trend in personal finance. Long story short, instead of having to actively put money aside into savings - or a “treat yourself account” - you simply save by rounding up each of your payments. If your dinner is € 20.40, € 0.60 would go into your savings.

And just like that, you just paid yourself first!

bunq understands that you’d rather not go about your life with an Excel sheet calculating these amounts. That’s why we automagically do this for you. All you have to do is:

  • Head to the “me” tab
  • Press the “+” button
  • Choose Savings Goal
  • Turn Auto Save On

That’s it! You now have an account for treating yourself that will constantly grow. Want the numbers to go up quicker? Choose to round up to € 2 or even € 5! Reached your target? Spend it all on YOU!

Here at bunq we’re committed to making your life easy. Savings Goals and Auto Save help you live your best life, with minimum effort. We’ll make sure that the money is put aside for yourself first. Just make sure it’s in your calendar!

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