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January 24, 2020


3 unique ways you can personalize your bunq account

Everything you do in life should match your individual style. So why stop at banking?

Check out 3 ways you can customize your bunq account and truly make it yours below:

1. Stay organized at a glance with custom account icons 🚘💵👩‍👩‍👧‍👦✈️❤️

You can create sub-accounts for any of your spending and budgeting needs, but did you know that you can customize them too? You’re free to upload your own image (pro tip: bitmojis rock for this) or conveniently create your own custom account icon directly from the app. We offer 16 different designs in 13 colors. That’s 208 icon possibilities at the tap of a button!

2. Match your crowdfunding needs by customizing your link & page 💸

If you’re unfamiliar with, it’s a personal payment link you can create and connect to your own custom website page. You can use it to instantly get money back without having to worry about an expiring request. It’s perfect for everyday use, events or crowdfunding campaigns. You can find out more about how it works on Together here.

On top of custom links, you can even customize your page to include a background image and a brief description of the page. Raising money for a good cause? You can state your fundraising goal in the description and set a photo that relates to your fundraiser as the background. Whenever someone clicks on your personal payment link, they’ll be redirected to your page, can identify it as yours and easily transfer money to you using iDEAL, SOFORT or a credit card.

3. Easily distinguish your virtual cards in your favorite colors 🌈

The customization doesn’t stop, even outside of the bunq app! With the recent launch of bunq Update 13, you can now personalize your virtual Apple Pay & Google Pay cards. This way if you have multiple cards, you can easily tell them apart (even when you’re rushed at the checkout line). A nice extra touch... you can pick your favorite colors too! Find out more about how to do this from the app here.

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