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3 sustainable European music festivals in 2022

July 12, 2022
people at a music festival


While some things went through an on and off period throughout the pandemic, festivals were pretty much a no-no for the whole 2 years. No wonder that party lovers are super excited to get back into singing and dancing as their heart desires!

Europe has plenty of amazing festivals, famous worldwide. From Tomorrowland in Belgium, to Glastonbury or Sziget…the list is endless. But let’s have a look at 3 great festivals that are known for their sustainable efforts, so you can have fun while protecting our one and only Mother Earth.

1. EDP Cool Jazz🎷

This festival takes place in Cascais, pretty much all along the month of July. EDP is Europe's largest electricity provider, and the promise is to completely neutralize the carbon footprint of the event. This even includes the way the artists travel to and from the festival! This year, you could be hearing names like John Legend (I’m sold) or the classy Paul Anka (Gilmore Girls, anyone?). There are also a couple of “Chill Sundays” - and there won’t be any admission fee for these ones!

So if you were looking for an extra reason to visit the south of Portugal, EDP Cool Jazz may be your sign.

2. DGTL🎼

DGTL is a big name for us locals here in Amsterdam. Their main goal is to transform from the world’s first circular festival to becoming the first regenerative event organization on a global scale. That’s pretty impressive!

You can expect 100% plant-based and waste-less food courts, less than 100 grams waste per visitor, and absolutely 0 usage of Diesel. All the energy they use comes from renewable energy sources, and use of freshwater is reduced as much as possible, while nutrients are recovered from wastewater. Of course, all payments are cashless, and right through your bank card (no plastic coins needed).

Their line-up is pretty impressive, so check out all the artists attending in 2022 right here

3. Green Man🍃

This time…it’s in the name. Green Man will take place between the 18th and 21st of August in Wales. They describe the event as a mix of music, science and arts.

Of course, they do their best to keep the festival as green as possible, but visitors can also help. For example, if you leave the festival and have any unwanted, unbroken camping equipment or food, you can donate these to refugees. Besides keeping the food sustainable, they also aim to stay as local as possible. Most of their drinks, like beers and ciders, come from Welsh breweries nearby - reducing the carbon footprint of the transportation process significantly. 

What about the music? Have a look at this year’s line-up here.

These are just 3 out of the many green, planet friendly festivals happening in Europe this year. Have fun, dance the day (or night) away, while being sustainable. It’s easier than ever!

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