Bunq 3 new ways to save time
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3 new ways to save time with bunq

Helping you save time to focus on the fun things in life is something we always keep in mind when building new features. After all, there are enough things in life that take longer than you’d want. Why should banking be on that list? Since bunq Update 15, we’ve added more easy ways to save time. Here are our top 3!

Auto Request ⏰

Are you paying for shared subscriptions with your loved ones? Get recurring payments back without having to think about it with Auto Request!

It’s really simple: set up a recurring date through the bunq app, and a request will be sent to the people you share subscriptions with reminding them to pay you. You save time by not having to do it manually or even having to remember who owes what. More mental space for the important things, like knowing every single line of Coldplay’ songs.

Circle of Trust 🧑‍🤝‍🧑

Are you using bunq with your friends? Now it’s possible to settle expenses without any hassle: simply add them to your Circle of Trust and the bunq app automatically approves their Payment Requests!

Trust your friends, but still want to have complete control over your finances? No worries, you can always set and change the limit of Payment Requests for your Circle. For example, you can decide that everything under Є 20 is accepted automatically, while everything above needs your confirmation. You’re saving time while still handling your money your way.

Receipt Splitting 🧾

Paid for drinks? Simply scan the receipt, share it with your friends and let them pay you back by tapping their share on the receipt.

It only takes 3 steps to get your money back in no time! Your friends will be able to select the items that belong to them, edit the list and when it all looks good, pay you back with 1 tap. You can use this new time saving feature with all your loved ones, no matter who they are banking with. Super hassle free!

Here you go! 3 brand new and cool ways to save money with bunq!

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