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3 new features that save you time when on holiday

February 25, 2022

From staycations in a beautiful spa resort, to a weekend trip or a month away exploring South-East Asia, we all want to take it all in without thinking about anything else.

We can’t guarantee that nothing unexpected will happen (part of the experience, right?), but we do have some features that will save you time when using bunq on your holiday. 

1. Pay like a local with AutoCurrency💸

Travelling to a place with a different currency than the one at home? No worries, you can always pay like a local. Keep money in the currencies you'll use and automatically pay in the local tender wherever you go.

In your bunq app, you can open a Local Currency sub-account (we’ve got 15 currencies available already!). If you have this and you travel to a country which uses that currency, your bunq card will automatically use your Local Currency sub-account for payments. Traveling in UK? Your bunq cards will automatically get money from your GBP sub-account. This doesn’t just save you time (goodbye, currency exchange shops) but also saves you money. The bunq app always uses the real currency exchange rate, so you don’t have to worry about extra fees.

2. The best spots, reviewed by your friends📍

We’ve recently improved the Friends tab and it now saves you more time when travelling abroad or on an adventure. If you’re short on time, or just like to be sure that your dinner spot is a good choice, simply check the map in your favorite banking app. Here you’ll find reviews from your friends who visited these places before, so you know you can trust them. These aren’t for everyone to see - so it’s just between you and them. If you’d like to also help others find the best hot-spots in town in no time, leave a comment about your experience too. The more, the merrier.

3. Activities for you and your friends🎉

With Activities, you can keep track of who paid out throughout your holiday by automatically adding card payments to a common pot. At the end of the trip, you just settle it with one tap. Based on your feedback, we realized that this wasn’t always easy to do with friends that aren’t bunq users yet - so we’ve improved that bit.

When you start an Activity, you can invite all your friends to participate. Those who aren’t using bunq will get an invite to download the app and use it for free while this Activity is running. They’ll be able to see the payments overview and add their own expenses, saving time for everyone. No more individual split receipts!

And if they loved the experience…you can remind them that they can check out all the benefits of bunq for free for a month

Enjoy your holiday, worry-free.

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